World Wide Pet Supplies Launches Affordable Line of Flea Treatments For Pets

World Wide Pet Supplies urges owners to treat animals early before infestations occur.

According to industry statistics, Australians spend millions of dollars every year in an attempt to control fleas. Experts suggest this is the largest single expense pet owners encounter in the care of their animals. Trying to counter the high price of doctor ordered products, many consumers buy tick and flea treatments for dogs online in order to save money. To aid pet-owners, World Wide Pet Supplies has launched a line of discount flea products for cats and dogs available online.

B. Harris, spokesperson for the pet supply company confirms. "More than half of all skin conditions resulting in vet care come from flea bites, and even one bite to an ultrasensitive pet can result in painful itching and irritations. Cost is always a consideration for pet owners, so we've begun carrying affordable products owners can purchase without a prescription. We hope the introduction of these products will encourage pet owners to seek maintenance products before full infestations occur."

Harris says pet owners often assume because their animals are not scratching, they are flea-free. However, the majority of a flea's life is spent off of the animal, not on. Says Harris, "Most animals do not have sensitive skin or may not be allergic to the parasite, therefore, he may not have the need to scratch. But, that doesn't mean you don't have an infestation on your hands."

Harris advises owners to thoroughly inspect their pet's skin and hair under a well-lit area, searching for red-brown fleas. He warns the fleas jump quickly, so owners have to look closely to see them. "If you don't see fleas, you may still see the remnants of them, known as flea dirt, on the dog's hind area or between the shoulders of a cat. By taking a damp, white towel and rubbing it in the area, you can look for the reddish tint."

It's an ongoing process, says Harris, keeping your pets free of flees. "Much like providing worming treatments for dogs, you must continually treat your animal for fleas. While you thought you may have rid your home of fleas last year, they come back, as eggs can lie dormant for up to two years."

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