World Renowned Amazon eCommerce Course ASM8 Briefly Re-Opens.

ASM8 has successfully coached thousands of individuals to build a business on global shopping behemoth Amazon. Providing simple training and the knowledge to identify opportunities, source products from manufacturers, and sell on Amazon. Creating a real income business run from a laptop or mobile phone.

World Renowned eCommerce Course Re-Opens it’s Doors.

The undisputed global leaders in Amazon eCommerce education, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback have once again opened the doors of their internationally acclaimed “Amazing Selling Machines” course (ASM8).

ASM8 is designed to educate and skill everyday folk with everything they need to build a successful ecommerce business utilising the vast resources of the global online behemoth Amazon.

Amazon has grown exponentially every year to become the world’s largest online shopping platform.

With over 200,000,000 daily shoppers. Amazon has also become the gateway to financial and time freedom for many millions of everyday people. From stay at home mums and dads to frustrated employees.

Even if someone has only an hour a day. ASM8 makes it easy for them to start their own Amazon business and grow it to a point in time where they can give up there day job.

ASM has now launched it's 8th season. Offering a totally FREE video course on how to start an Amazon business.

The window of opportunity to sign up for this industry leading expertise and training is only opened for a very short time each year.

So why do they have only a few days each year when new students can join the course?

The ASM material is so extensive and comprehensive. It provides complete step by step training and on going support from founders Matt and Jason and their team.

They combine this with support and mentoring from past students who have all successfully created their own Amazon businesses.

And because they care about each of their students in a personal way and help each and everyone of them to succeed with their own unique businesses, they choose to limit their new student intake to only a few days each year.

That way they don't over stretch their team and resources and ensure they can focus on everyone becoming successful.

So how is ASM8 different from other online eCommerce courses?

Most online shopping business schools focus on utilising proprietary software platforms as the shopping interface, or simply using the old school technique of building a website for each and every product you want to sell. Whether that be software or physical products. Some focus solely on commission sales only. Drop shipping or affiliate selling. Often involve learning tech skills and building websites etc.

With ASM the student doesn’t need any tech or web design skills.

If you can send an email you can succeed with ASM8

They are different in that they focus entirely on utilising the immense resources that Amazon provides. Amazon is THE global leader in eCommerce. Nothing else comes even close to matching it and I doubt ever will.

Every day there are more shoppers on Amazon than the population of most countries. Matt and Jason have designed ASM8 to take full advantage of that unlimited market place combined with sourcing physical products direct from manufacturers.

Their enrolment opportunity closes very soon.

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