World First — Dating Website to Produce Film

What happens when a hopeless romantic femme lesbian sets off on a quest to find love with the unlikely team of her two flat mates, a feminist fitness fanatic and a male sex-a-holic? Pink Lobster Dating, is the world's first dating website to be producing a movie. This groundbreaking new comedy film is written and directed by stand-up comedian and award-winning filmmaker Sezar Alkassab.

CEO and founder of Pink Lobster Dating, Juliette Prais and Sex and Relationship expert, Emma Ziff have chosen to be Executive Producers for this project.

The film and the campaign surrounding production aim to raise social awareness about taboo subjects and combat ignorance through the use of comedy to tackle difficult topics.

The campaign is being coordinated through Indiegogo, where key objectives are to reach a wider audience and create significant partnerships.

Juliette says: ‘When Sezar first presented his script to me, I genuinely cried with relief. It was as though he was reading my mind and making me laugh at the same time. It was my belief in the impact of this movie to the wider audience that made me want to get involved.'

Emma reiterates: ‘There are so many great movies being produced and as a bit of a film buff I know what I like and what I don't. This script is not only hilarious, but also touches on topics of sex and sexuality in a way I have never seen before.'

At last a film where you'll have the chance to watch some hysterical characters that don't fit convention or stereotypes. It's a movie that shows us that we can't make assumptions about people we don't know, and in some ways we're all the same, but in other ways, we're all completely unique! The film aims to raise awareness about social issues and sections of society that may not conform to social “norms” but as you'll see are just their own kind of normal.

Through comedy, the film brings serious issues to the mainstream, introducing an amazing script to the screen for everyone to undoubtedly identify with as well as enjoy.

The film is running it's campaign through Indiegogo and aims to begin production this summer, with view to be released early 2015. There are different ways to support the film and get involved, and all of these are described on Indiegogo. You can even audition to star in the film alongside well-known celebrities. If you'd prefer to help in the wings, you can also suggest a title or work as a film crewmember.

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