Workout Sandbags Is Six Years Young

August 2017 marks the sixth year Workout Sandbags has been supplying quality strength training sandbags to gyms, boxes, teams, and individuals worldwide.

Workout Sandbags marks the sixth anniversary of their first sale. Since August 2011 They have been supplying top quality strength training sandbags for home, team, and gym use. Their customers like their original design that makes them handle with the correct amount of instability essential to proper functional fitness training.

Instead of placing handles onto the outside of the bag, they sew their handles into the bag. This gives the user a direct grip of the bag, which delivers the unstable shifting sand effect directly to the body's stabilizer muscles.

Since 2011 Workout Sandbags has supplied fitness sandbags to many clients. The Cincinnati Bengals were an early client, and continue to purchase bags every year. Several college teams are also customers. Many gyms, including CrossFit, D1 Sports Training, Anytime Fitness, and Snap Fitness, use their bags. This past year, customers have come from Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Canada. A wrestler in Guam bought set of all 3 sizes of their new Snake bags, which hold the sand directly. This direct filling of the bag, with no filler bag, gives an even greater feel of the sand, since the user grabs the bag and a handful of sand within it.

Another new innovation is the addition of filler bags to their ballistic nylon exercise sandbags. These filler bags are shaped like the outer bag, and hold all of the sand load. This way allows the sand load to shift as a whole with the outer bag. Two or three filler bags can be used inside one outer bag, to break up the load into adjustable compartments. The filler bags still go the entire length and width of the bag, and shift as a whole with the outer bag. The only difference is the thickness of the filler bags, when partially filled. Most customers choose to get one filler bag per outer bag.

Since purchasing an extra heavy duty sewing machine in early 2016, the staff of Workout Sandbags has been able to make many small improvements on the design and sewing technique of their product. These improvements have been applied to the manufacturing process for a better sandbag. The design for Workout Sandbags was arrived upon after using what its owner calls the "duffel-bag" style bag for 3 years, from 2007-2010. The entire year of 2010 was spent refining the design, which allows the bag to be more shifty than its competitors. The result is a sandbag that handles like a SANDBAG.

Workout Sandbags is owned by Dale Kirksey, a retired high school teacher who still trains with sandbags and other functional fitness gear. He says, "It is fun being able to supply athletes and home users with an affordable, quality product that maximizes the benefits of functional fitness training. These bags are designed to deliver the shifting sand effect directly to your stabilizer muscles, forcing your body to work as a team to achieve better fitness results. Our customers tell us their beanbag-like shape give a better workout than the duffel bag shape sandbag."

After six years of designing, manufacturing, and marketing strength training sandbags, Workout Sandbags is ready for six more years supplying quality workout gear to the world.

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