Workout Sandbags Celebrates Five Years

Workout Sandbags celebrates their fifth year in business with some new products. An original, ergonomic design makes them popular with sports teams, gyms, and individuals worldwide.

Owner Dale Kirksey and the staff of Workout Sandbags are proud to announce the fifth anniversary of their first sale. Since August 2011 they have been supplying quality training sandbags to teams, gyms, CrossFit boxes, and individuals worldwide. Their success is based upon better design, stronger materials, and great service. Their first sale came on August 10, 2011.

The design of Workout Sandbags is unique in the the handles are built into the bag, not attached to the exterior. This allows the user to grab the bag directly and get a direct feel of the shifting sand. This delivers the maximum instability effect to the body's prime mover and stabilizer muscles at the same time.

For these five years, Workout Sandbags has been supplying free inner bags made of polyethylene. Now they have added 1000D nylon filler bags to their product line. These filler bags are also different from the competition. They are designed to fit each of the four sizes of outer bags. The entire sand load of the outer bag is held in one filler bag. This allows the entire load to shift as a whole to deliver the best sandbag training effect.

Another new innovation is the addition of their All-in-One outer bags. Instead of holding the sand in filler or inner bags, the sand goes directly into the outer bag. This allows the user to grab the sides of the bag and grab a handful of sand at the same time. While giving a better workout, they also are more affordable.

A recent purchase of an extra heavy duty sewing machine brings the manufacturing process in-house and makes for improvements in both design and manufacturing techniques. The machine sews the product with one gauge thicker thread than before, and many gauges thicker than the competition. In-house manufacturing cuts down on shipping costs and allows for a better price for the customer. A new website design has improved the online shopping experience and made sales increase as a result.

In the five years of doing business, Workout Sandbags has sold to one NFL team three times, and several college athletic departments. Also many CrossFit affiliates around the country have become customers, and several other gyms. Individuals all over the USA have bought and enjoyed the bags. International customers include those from Australia, Canada, and Europe.

In 2010 owner Dale Kirksey redesigned the sandbag he had been using to improve its performance and handling. He hired a contractor to make the first batch and the first sale came in August 2011. Says Kirksey, "I did not like the shape or the handles of the duffel-bag style training sandbags that were on the market. I designed ours to be more like a giant beanbag, with built-in handles that transmit the shifting sand effect directly to your muscles. It's a better workout."

The irony is that Mr. Kirksey is not a fitness trainer. He is a retired Texas high school biology teacher. For summer recreation and recharging, he took up backpacking and mountaineering in the Rocky Mountains in the 1990's. That sport required year-round functional fitness training. After trying many forms of exercise, it was sandbags that became his favorite weightlifting gear. Further irony is that Kirksey is now 65 years of age. He still keeps in shape by using his sandbags. Sandbag training is superior real-world training due to the instability of the shifting sand.

Workout Sandbags is proud of their original design exercise sandbags. Five years of success verifies their quality. Mr. Kirksey looks forward to five more years of serving both the needs of commercial gyms, sports teams and individuals at home.


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