WorkExaminer New Feature Helps Monitor Employee Skype Chats To Prevent Data Leaks In Companies

WorkExaminer is software that helps companies keep employees productive, and after its latest update it has the capacity to monitor and record Skype chats to prevent data leaks.

The internet is simultaneously essential to the modern business model and a huge drain on resources, as its vastness and competition for attention can have a huge impact on employee productivity, leading businesses to require monitoring services to ensure employees are on course. Work Examiner is a product that is installed remotely by the client, runs silently on all devices, collects data on application and website usage and creates detailed reports for employers on their employees’ usage. The program now has the capacity to monitor Skype in order to prevent data leaks.

The new features allows for monitoring of Skype calls even if the employee has opted to disable the option to preserve the history on their own device. The monitoring provides a log of transmitted documents and any other attachments to ensure these can be seen on record should problems arise.

This monitoring includes chats synchronized with other devices such as a company tablet, cell phone or any other device, to be uploaded into the database. It even monitors deleted messages. All this is designed for companies that work regularly with sensitive data, so their clients can proceed with complete peace of mind.

A spokesperson for Work Examiner explained, “Our software helps people use their in work resources as effectively and economically as possible, helping reassure employers and keep employees focused. After the release of several extremely damaging data leaks in recent months, we have added the capacity to monitor Skype so businesses can rest assured their files are safe, or take swift corrective action in the event of a breach. The new expansion of the product will help businesses stay secure in a rapidly evolving digital world, while still offering great ROI by improving efficiencies in the workforce. We look forward to rolling out the new version to new clients.”

About WorkExaminer: WorkExaminer is a piece of software designed to help companies monitor work rate, focus and productivity among employees with the latest time tracking and surveillance. WorkExaminer has been developed by EfficientLab, LLC., an independent software vendor providing high-quality and robust employee monitoring technologies. The company was founded in 2004 and now have 2000+ company customers all over the world.

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