WorcesterWreath.com Launches New Program Fostering Community Fundraising Efforts

Balsam wreath sales are opportune methods for organizations to raise money for their causes, publishes worcesterwreath.com.

As the holiday season draws nigh, gift and decor sales are once again projected to skyrocket. This is also the time of year when countless schools, sports teams, community programs and organizations begin their annual sales of sweets, treats and other novelty items in an effort to boost finances for various causes. Helping foster both endeavors as well as time-tested tradition, Mike Worcester of WorcesterWreath.com has recently launched the company's Holiday Balsam fundraising program.

Said Worcester, "Our new fundraising program is a wonderful way for organizations to earn money. Christmas Wreaths are among the most popular forms of decor for the holidays, now rivaling trees and lights. They also make fantastic gifts, so they are certain to sell more easily than some of the other options available. Since all our products are made from Balsam tips freshly harvested each day, they offer the color and scent indicative of the season. The locally grown Balsam we use in our wreaths is of the highest quality available and guaranteed fresh. "

Though viewed by many as simple ornamentation recognizing holidays, the wreath essentially holds many deeper meanings. As a full circle, it represents infinity as well as constant renewal. In today's society, christmas wreaths hung on doors are additionally symbolic of welcoming loved ones into the home. Evergreens, for centuries, have promoted eternal life.

Additions to the basic greenery also often hold weight. While ribbons provide a festive touch, many have begun implementing them in colors adopted by various awareness groups to further the significance of the wreaths being displayed. Holly leaves and berries, also much loved elements in Christmas decor, reinforce the notion of eternity; at the same time, cedar sprigs suggest strength.

WorcesterWreath.com initially made headlines in association with the Wreaths Across America program. Inspired by a boyhood visit to Arlington National Cemetery, company founder Morrill Worcester began donating wreaths to honor veterans in 1992. Although this effort continued for more than a decade without recognition, it ultimately sparked a fire now spanning the nation and involving an array of companies.

Concluded Worcester, "We offer three options with our fundraising program: traditional flyers and tally sheets, printed sales materials with online ordering and pre-ordered products to sell at will. All choices are designed to be as simple as possible for our participants and their customers. Anyone interested in furthering their fundraising efforts through us may visit our website for more information and contact us with any questions regarding the process. We're proud to introduce this opportunity to those organizations in need of unique ideas to help them succeed."

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Founded in 1971, WorcesterWreath.com has grown to become a leading wholesaler of fresh Balsam holiday decor. The Worcester family takes great pride in creating and delivering quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail with all the company's products.

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