Women's Empowerment Coach And Fashion Designer Launch Tears & Tulle Movement To Inspire Women Everywhere

Women everywhere are taking a stand for, and reconnecting with their color. Gina and Cassandra are friends and entrepreneurs who have teamed up to help women embrace the magic within by connecting with the color that lives deep inside all of us.

Dyer, Indiana: Women's Empowerment Coach, Gina Bell, and Fashion Designer, Cassandra Youngs have teamed up in a brand new project that was created to inspire women everywhere to connect with their color… Not when things go the way we think they should. Right now. Right this very second. Right in the moments that make up our lives.

The Tears & Tulle Movement was created to celebrate women everywhere who are showing up in the world and connecting with their color from within the chaos of this beautiful, messy thing we call life.

Over a year, an amazing rainbow tulle skirt will travel to the homes of fifty-two different inspirational women from the United States and Canada! These women will wear it, play in it, snap a picture of themselves in it, and send it off to the next sparkly sister on the list.

These photos will be shared on The Tears & Tulle Website, on social media, and in The Tears & Tulle Movement Magazine Edition, which will be published at the end of the first year.

Each person will pair the skirt with something black to emphasize her ability to show up in the world from within a place of darkness. A.K.A. our everyday struggles, hard times, and messy real-life stuff.

These are real women showing up and celebrating their ability to grow through their pain, reconnect with color in their lives, and take a stand for women everywhere.

Women all over the world can join in on the fun too. Tears & Tulle Movement Tribes will be popping up all over the United States, so women everywhere have the opportunity to share a rainbow tulle skirt of their choice from within circles of their own.

Interested women should register on The Tears & Tulle website and use the hashtag #tearsandtulle when posting online!

About Gina Bell
Gina Bell is a women's Empowerment Coach and grounded go-getter, who knows what it's like to feel disconnected from our dreams. This busy mom of six from the Chicago area who has been called The Mary Poppins of Metaphors knows firsthand the power of living a life connected to our dreams.

Gina creates practical and creative solutions to help bring fun, excitement, passion, love, happiness, and joy back into her client's lives from within the chaos of everyday real life.

For more information, please contact 2197414563, gina@thetearsandtullemovement.com, or visit https://www.ginabell.co/thetearsandtullemovement.

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