Women Stay Safe With First-Ever Personal Defense Backpack

Customized for women to make any outing safer and more comfortable, the BODYGUARD BACKPACK was intentionally designed for ease of use. The designer nailed it with this convertible tote bag-backpack that is constructed with the user in mind.

The American company; Barb The Builder announced yesterday that they have brought to market, the first-ever personal defense backpack for women. The BODYGUARD BACKPACK will make women feel safer when they wear it, especially at night. More information can be found on AmazonBodyguard Backpack by Barb The Builder Anti Theft Backpack Amazon or on their website www.builderbarb.com.

When asked "What is so special about this particular backpack for women?", we were told, "It comes with safety devices & built-in anti-theft features that are integrated right into the bag." Heather Farrell, owner and founder of Barb The Builder went on to say "We strategically placed pockets and zippers to allow the user to access safety lights, whistles, the tactical pen, and other gear without taking the bag off.

Designed to illuminate both the individual and her surroundings, this high visibility bag is fitted with multi-mode light sources and reflective tabs on all sides."

It is classified as an anti theft backpack, here's why. A side 'safe' pocket can be reached while wearing the bag, and is lined with RFID blocking material to prevent digital theft. Two-way lockable zippers were used on the safe pocket and the dual access zippers into the cavity which are on the top and side. Both side zippers can be immobilized at the bottom of the bag using the integrated clip system to prevent unzipping.

This bags superpower is, "It will help women get rid of that pain in the neck," says owner, Heather Farrell. The Bodyguard Backpack converts from a tote bag to a backpack in seconds and has a stow-away system for the handles when not in use. Farrell continues to explain, "Our bag tends to get heavier throughout the day and now there is a built-in way to be kind to your body." The Bodyguard Backpack distributes the weight across your back and gets it off that one burning shoulder.

A 21st-century bag that supports busy women at work, play or on-route. It doubles as a travel backpack because it is already approved to fit onboard most airplanes as a carry on bag, and begs to be your weekender bag of choice for overnight trips. It's also tech ready with a padded computer/laptop compartment and is equipped with a UBS charging port, ready for a battery charging pack (not included).

A few other features that have been worked into this ever-evolving, 5th edition are internal illumination, a dedicated glasses pocket, the ability to stand up, wide open, and lots more. If you have a suggestion or an idea for a change, let the company know because "Over 70% of the improvements we've made to the bag were the direct result of feedback from our dearly valued customers!" says Farrell.

A company you can be proud to support, Barb The Builder sponsors GirlsBuild.org as their chosen charity for 2019. The team is honored to help send young girls to builders summer camp.

The Bodyguard Backpack can be found on AmazonBodyguard Backpack by Barb The Builder Anti Theft Backpack Amazon, or by searching for Bodyguard Backpack or Barb the Builder. Consumers can also visit their website at www.builderbarb.com.

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