Wolfe Sports Introduces New X3 3K Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

One of the only 3-layer products on the market, high-performing new edge-guarded paddle is tough, comfortable, and tournament-approved, Wolfe Sports reports

Wolfe Sports introduced the company's new X3 3K carbon fiber pickleball paddle, the newest addition to its "Pro" line of professional-level paddles. With a featherweight honeycomb aluminum core contributing structural strength and stiffness, the X3 3K is equipped with three outer layers: A base layer of vibration dampening fiberglass; an intermediate layer of energy-transferring graphite; and an outer layer of tough, resilient 3K graphite weave. Also fitted with a filled edge guard that protects against damage through the most intense play, the X3 3K is one of the most durable pickleball paddles on the market, while delivering an industry-leading blend of comfort, control, and overall performance.

"We're excited to announce that our brand-new X3 3K paddle is now available at our online store," Wolfe Sports representative Kris said, "The X3 builds on the foundation established by our popular XL and XF paddles, and we think it is going to be our most successful product yet. We've incorporated a great deal of user feedback into the X3 3K and delivered what we think is the best-designed paddle the game has ever seen."

Although it has been around for over half a century now, the sport of pickleball has enjoyed an explosive surge in popularity in the United States and globally in recent years. With an appealing mix of all-ages accessibility and competitive potential, pickleball plays something like a cross between badminton and tennis. A special hollow plastic ball dotted with "wiffle"-style holes keeps things moderately paced for beginners, with players naturally speeding up the action as they become more skilled.

Wolfe Sports is one of the world's leading retailers, designers, and manufacturers of paddles, nets, balls, and accessories meant for this fast-growing sport. Offering pickleball-related products from all of the top manufacturers at highly competitive prices, the company also produces and sells its own lines of paddles and equipment.

Two of the most successful of those ventures have been the wolfe sports XL and XF 3K paddles. The first in the series, the XL is based on a two-layer fiberglass-and-graphite design that offers excellent performance in a lightweight package. The XF 3K adds to that highly functional layout an outer layer of 3K graphite weave, delivering even more performance and responsiveness as a result.

With the introduction of the brand new Wolfe Sports X3 3K, players seeking the enhanced durability that an edge guard provides gain access to the proven performance and comfort of the paddle's predecessors. After soliciting buyer feedback and studying the performance of the existing paddles in both competitive and casual play, Wolfe Sports set out to make the X3 3K the company's best-performing paddle yet.

Like the XL and XF 3K, the new X3 3K has been tested and certified for tournament play by the International Federation of Pickleball and the USA Pickleball Association. The new, edge-guard-equipped X3 3K is available now at the Wolfe Sports online store.

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Helping everyone from beginners to professionals enjoy pickleball even more, Wolfe Sports is a top retailer, designer, and manufacturer of the best paddles and other equipment for one of the country's fastest-growing games.

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