WOJAK can now be staked on SmartBCH using Mistswap DEX

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Wojak launches its first farm on SmartBCH network boasting APYs of upwards of 500%. Users can now stake Wojak tokens on Decentralised exchange Mistswap and Yield Farm MIST tokens as rewards.

WOJAK launched on the 10th December 2021 on the SmartBCH sidechain due to it's ability to scale with a huge gas throughput of upto 1 billion gas every 15 seconds. After less than 2 weeks WOJAK has secured a farm on the largest DEX on SmartBCH known as Mistswap. With APYs of in excess of 500% at time of press you can now stake your WOJAK tokens on Mistswap DEX and farm MIST which is the native token of the DEX. This achievement in such little time shows that much more is to come for the WOJAK token.

WOJAK was initially added to Mistswap, Benswap, Tangoswap and 1BCH with the developer sending all of the liquidity tokens to a dead wallet. What this means is that the liquidity can not be "rug-pulled" by the deployers of the token by simply removing the liquidity, this move was what built a rapport with the community and helped WOJAK flourish to achieving the above milestone in such a short amount of time.

The goal is to spread awareness of SmartBCH which is a new sidechain for Bitcoin Cash that also uses an EVM compatible network which is cross compatible with Ethereum , Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Cronos chain and other EVM chains. SmartBCH has low gas fees, huge scaling ability and extremely fast speeds which makes it a contender to acquiring a huge userbase from competing EVM chains in the upcoming months.

WOJAK token has made several donations to non-profits that operate in the space to provide support to those that offer critical services that power the SmartBCH ecosystem, some recipients include Marketcap Cash, Smartscan, Fountainhead Cash, Dexscreener and others.

To keep up to date on more information regarding WOJAK you can check the following external resources:
Website: https://wojak.so
Price Data: https://www.marketcap.cash/token/WOJAK
Telegram: https://t.me/WojakBCH
Exchange: https://app.mistswap.fi/swap?inputCurrency=&outputCurrency=0x8d7Ea0ec6CaB515463121A3c70Df541f2F534909

Contact Info:
Name: N Meldrum
Email: Send Email
Organization: WOJAK
Phone: +447375033275
Website: https://wojak.so/

Release ID: 89057608

Name: N Meldrum
Email: Send Email
Organization: WOJAK