Wizler Social Media Launches Full Spectrum of Social Media Management Services

Wizler Social Media offers businesses an opportunity to have their social media accounts professionally managed by in-house social media consultants, creating higher engagement with their audience.

Social media is one of the defining paradigms of the early 21st century - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram provide users with ways to connect and interact with one another that have never previously seen. As a result, businesses are frantically trying to understand how to monetize these social networks and use them to drive sales. Only a small number of highly skilled individuals have maximixed the ROI available on these social networks, and the most proficient go into business for themselves as a social media manager. Wizler is a rare company formed of social media marketing experts who offer to champion a brand for an affordable price.

Their packages include variable levels of content creation across variable numbers of platforms, including Facebook posts, tweets, comment responses, spam monitoring, real-time reporting, and 24/7 customer service. As well as their range of pre-set packages they also offer fully bespoke solutions for those businesses with special requirements.

The packages are explained on the website, as are their benefits to businesses who take them on. They also explain how businesses can benefit from hiring an independent social media consultant who can create custom teams to speak in the company’s voice and on their behalf, keeping brand identity strong across all platforms.

A spokesperson for Wizler Social Media explained, “As a social media consultant service we are second to none. Our blog demonstrates how we are on the leading edge of the social media curve, posting regularly on developing trends and evolving uses of the media to define and redefine brand. The work we do can turn around the fortunes of companies who are flagging in the face of the rapidly evolving 21st century market place, and can lead the successes of those willing to engage with the new standard. We know the right time, the right ways, and the right content to create significant brand awareness.”

About Wizler Social Media:
Wizler Social Media consulting is designed as the perfect service to allow small and medium sized businesses to meet their social media marketing needs at a very reasonable price. They specialize in managing dynamic Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ profiles on behalf of clients to foster an engaged consumer community around the products or services of their clients.

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