Wittle Announces Launch of Safety Kit to Protect Children from The Dangers of Electrical Outlets

Wittle’s New Electrical Safety Kit Includes Self Closing Outlet Covers for High Use Outlets Plus Insertable Plug Protectors for Low Use Outlets!

Wittle, a brand that prides itself on providing parents with a variety of premium quality baby safety products has just announced their latest product launch of an electrical outlet child safety kit! Designed to protect children from the dangers posed by the electrical outlets found throughout the home, this kit includes six self-closing outlet covers for high use outlets along with twelve plug protectors for low use outlets.

A Wittle spokesperson stated, "Our main goal with the release of this product was to combine the functionality and convenience of self-closing outlet covers with the safety and simplicity of outlet plug protectors.” She added, “This gives parents an easy yet affordable way to baby proof all the electrical outlets in their home without breaking the bank."

The Wittle spokesperson commented that they interviewed numerous parents with one or more children under the age of four as part of their overall product development strategy. The goal being to determine the main concerns and pain points that parents face when it comes to child safety. She said, “This process and feedback from parents made it very clear that electrical outlet safety had to be addressed!” The Wittle team went to work and developed the perfect combination in the form of this electrical baby safety kit.

One of Wittle’s beta testers said it best, “I don’t know how I ever lived without the self-closing outlet covers. They are so easy to use, and the best part is not having to remember to find and then replace the little outlet plugs every time I use the vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, having the outlet plug protectors as a bonus is also great because I am able to insert and then forget about them because I don’t use those outlets every day.”

The Wittle spokesperson asserted that this is still just the beginning for Wittle. The addition of this electrical baby safety kit complements the Top Rated and Amazon’s Choice Wittle Finger Pinch Guards which have delighted customers as they tackle the daunting task of baby proofing. Wittle will also be releasing a few more products in the coming months. So, those who are excited about the release of this product will certainly want to keep an eye on this brand in the near future.

To celebrate the release of this product on Amazon.com, Wittle is giving away a special 15% off Amazon discount coupon code. This way more moms and new parents can experience the simplicity and peace of mind that comes with having electrical outlet plugs secure from prying fingers at the lowest possible launch price. Supplies are limited so get yours now by visiting https://www.getwittleproducts.com/oc-launch-pr.


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