With Over 1 Million Views Monthly Mike Browne Interviews Clickasnap CEO Tom Oswald

World famous photographer and YouTuber, Mike Browne, meets Clickasnap CEO Tom Oswald to find out more about the world’s only free to use, paid per view photo hosting platform.

Renowned photographer and YouTube star, Mike Browne, got together with CEO of Clickasnap, Tom Oswald, to discuss the company’s growth and future plans recently. In an interview, which has been posted on Mike’s YouTube channel, the popular photographer quizzed Tom about the development of the platform and the incredible strides it has made over the last two years. Mike and Tom sat down to chat about what has happened since Clickasnap emerged onto the scene in 2016, and to mull over what the future holds for the increasingly popular photo hosting platform.

Mike was keen to find out what kinds of challenges Tom has faced over the last 24 months, and delve deeper into what has happened to make Clickasnap the success story it is today. Talking about the early stages, Tom identified enhancing the quality of the images available on the platform as a priority after seeing the quality of pictures on other sites. The team worked to address this issue swiftly, and the proud CEO said that the improvement in the clarity, the colours and the beauty of the online galleries is one of his biggest achievements.

Over the course of the last 2 years, Clickasnap has grown rapidly. Asking about the numbers in question, Mike learned that the site has progressed from 20-30 views per day to a million image views per month, attracting 1,000- 2,000 visitors every day. The aim is to continue the upward curve, and Tom admitted that he would love to reach the million views per day mark.

From concentrating on the progression of the platform in the last 2 years, Mike shifted the focus of the interview to plans for the future, asking Tom where the business stood on a scale that runs from ‘startup to world domination.’ The number of images is increasing, the number of users is rising, and customers are receiving higher payments. The future is bright, but there is a long way to go, according to the ambitious CEO, who answered the question saying, “I’d say we’re closer to world domination than we are to startup.” The growth of online forums has pleased Tom greatly, and he took time to thank users for their feedback. User engagement is key, and feedback has enabled the team to address issues like poor profiles and a lack of personalisation. This is an area Clickasnap is keen to enhance, and there are plans to provide a tailored service, which uses features such as image recognition and personal preferences to connect users with the kinds of images they want to see. There are also plans to step up the marketing campaign using SEO and social media.

About Clickasnap
Clickasnap is the world’s largest free paid per view image hosting platform. Launched 2 years ago, the site has grown and expanded quickly, providing users with a diverse, extensive collection of images and offering the owners of those images a chance to generate an income.

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