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WISE ENGLISH tells about its educational center, the innovative English learning method and English courses.

If you are wasting too much time learning the English language without any positive learning result, why don't you try a new English learning method? And you may gradually recognize the importance of applying a productive learning technique. WISE ENGLISH is the pioneering unit to apply the innovative English learning method in Vietnam based on the principles of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Linguistics. This helps English learners efficiently shortens 80% of study time and achieves their desired results.

WISE's standout methodology includes 6-Step Vocabulary Learning and Automatic Listening. These 2 methods contrast with the traditional and passive language learning or heavy emphasis on drilling grammar rules. That is the reason why learners are able to revert to a natural language learning process, better apply their knowledge and skills, and attain impressive achievements on the journey to conquer English. Therefore, thousands of WISE students have accomplished many outstanding achievements: improving their IELTS results in a short time, developing their confidence in English communication skills, and realizing the dream of studying working abroad, and open the doors to many life-changing opportunities.

Founded with a mission "to help young people in Vietnam change their English learning methods based on the principles of NLP and Linguistics, and to conquer the language in the fastest and most effective way", 3 years since the establishment, Wiseenglish has provided many high-quality English courses, met the demands of English learners, and are highly appreciated by the community. English courses at WISE ENGLISH include IELTS Preparation, TOEIC Preparation, English Online, English for Children, General English and Business English. The center has opened more than hundreds of classes, supported thousands of English learners to conquer the language, and operated 3 centers at 146 Ham Nghi St, 36 Tran Van Du St, and 86 Ha Huy Tap St. Thanks to our top-notch teaching quality, WISE ENGLISH has become an official partner of the British Council (BC), IDP Vietnam, INTESOL Worldwide, and other large and prestigious institutions. In addition, wiseenglish.edu.vn has consistently ranked in the top English centers in Da Nang for the past 3 years.

On the long road ahead, WISE will never stop creating new products and innovating the learning ecosystem. In the next 5 to 10 years, WISE will establish new English centers across the country to fulfill our mission and follow the slogan of "Study Smarter, Not Harder", which was created from the dedication of the WISE ENGLISH team.
For more information, click at https://wiseenglish.edu.vn/

About the Company: WISE ENGLISH is the pioneering unit to use the innovative English learning method in Vietnam. It comprises an excellent team of English experts who help learners change the English learning habit and become proficient in English.

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Name: Luu Minh Hien
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Organization: WISE ENGLISH
Address: 146 Ham Nghi Street, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City, Vietnam
Phone: 02366 566 777
Website: https://wiseenglish.edu.vn/

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