Wisdom Teeth Removal is Big Business and Can be Avoided by Most Patients

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Wisdom teeth removal is costly and has risks. Most patients can avoid this unnecessary surgery. Removing wisdom teeth is big business and is often recommended for false reasons. To minimize costs and pain from unnecessary surgery, patients need to know when removal is required.

Wisdom teeth removal can be a costly and painful procedure, and most patients do not need to remove them at all. More than half of patients who get their wisdom teeth removed did not require surgery in the first place.

Most patients get wisdom teeth removal recommended by their dentist because it is a big business in Canada and the United States. Each year, Canadians and Americans spend over 4,000,000,000 dollars (yes, over 4 billion dollars!) on wisdom teeth removal, despite the procedure serving no health benefits for most patients.

In European countries, where dental care is part of the public health care system, most patients will not receive a recommendation to get their wisdom teeth removed. In Canada and the United States, where dental care is private, dentists are motivated to recommend wisdom teeth removal so they can drive up their profits.

Wisdom teeth removal is a costly procedure that many dentists seek to profit from. The cost of wisdom teeth removal can range from a costly $160 to $489 per tooth. The total cost depends on the number of teeth being removed, tooth position and the amount of sedation required.

For patients, removing wisdom teeth can be painful. Patients experience swelling, bruising and limited jaw movement after the procedure, which may lead to missing work or school. Patients may also suffer from complications such as dry sockets or infections, or more rarely, numbness and jaw damage.

To avoid the cost and pain of wisdom teeth removal, patients should be informed about the common myths associated with wisdom teeth and the criteria for when patients should remove their wisdom teeth.

Removing wisdom teeth is often recommended because of myths about wisdom teeth. Some false reasons for why the procedure is recommended include:
1. Pain relief in teeth, jaw, head or ear: Pain is common when wisdom teeth are growing in and will subside over time without removal.
2. Wisdom teeth cause problems in the future: Only 10 to 20 percent of wisdom teeth cause health issues, so patients can avoid complications by leaving wisdom teeth alone.
3. Early removal is easier: Removing wisdom teeth after they have grown in, results in less extensive surgery, quicker recovery, fewer complications and lower costs.
4. Wisdom teeth crowd front teeth: Wisdom teeth do not cause front teeth to crowd.

Patients can leave wisdom teeth in when they are completely covered and sealed off by gum tissue because they cannot be exposed to infection caused by food or bacteria. If wisdom teeth are exposed, patients can avoid surgery by keeping the area clean and practicing good dental hygiene. Patients over the age of 30 who have never had issues with their wisdom teeth also likely do not require removal.

Wisdom teeth may need to be removed if a patient is experiencing health issues. Patients should remove wisdom teeth if they experience tooth decay, cavities or cysts. If a patient is unable to keep wisdom teeth clean, they should be removed to avoid infection.

Being aware of common myths and the criteria for removal will help patients bring down dental costs and avoid pain from unnecessary surgery. Determine whether removing wisdom teeth is necessary by discussing with a dentist if your teeth are exposed to food and bacteria. If your wisdom teeth are not exposed, infection is unlikely, and removal is most likely unnecessary.

For more on wisdom teeth removal, minimizing dental costs and protecting dental health, read Smile Care Dental’s blog.

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