Wireless Protection Launches Brand New Website

Wireless Protection, a company specialising in EMF protection, is proud to launch a brand new website making it even easier for customers to research and access their services and knowledge base.

Back in 2004, when Glynn Hughes started to work as an EMF protection specialist, it was quite by accident. As a telecoms consultant, customers often asked how he could shield, stop or re-shape the wireless signals in and around their homes to mitigate any effects. Then, when his 11-year-old daughter was affected by emf exposure, Glynn knew that he needed to do something more.

Now, 15 years later, Glynn has built his entire business around this confluence of events, providing all the EMF advice and products customers could need. Wireless Protection is a family run business and while it may be growing quickly, the family values that started the journey remain at the heart of the company.

The new Wireless Protection website is designed with ease and simplicity in mind. The colour scheme is sharp and modern and the text is laid out so that there is plenty of space between sections for optimal readability. The menu at the top of the home page allows customers to navigate between pages quickly to find the information they are looking for.

The shop is also simple to navigate. The various products are split into relevant categories such as clothing, sleeping environment and phone radiation protection. Customers can browse each product at their leisure. There is plenty of information accompanying each product, explaining how it works and how to use it.

As EMF protection is still a relatively niche area and, unfortunately, some products on the market are no better than trinkets, a large portion of the website is dedicated to a knowledge base. This knowledge base is an important section of the website as it provides readers with all the information and reassurance they need that this site provides only the best protection methods and products.

Wireless Protection are also willing to provide any further information and assistance customers may require. Customers may be assured that all products have been rigorously tested before being put on sale and are fit for purpose.

For more information about Wireless Protection, please contact Daniel on 01200447770, or email daniel@wireless-protection.org. Please address any postal queries to Cell Phone Radiation Ltd, Nethergill Barn, Bolton By Bowland and check out their website https://www.wireless-protection.org/ for all the information you need.

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