Winter Hygiene Solutions with Surviveware 40-Pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes

Winter Camping Made Easier with Individually Wrapped Bath Wipes

Cold weather not only brings limitations in the camping and hiking arena but can also test one’s endurance. On the other hand, winter hikes and camping serve as relaxation and create opportunities to find different avenues of developing new survival skills and techniques.

Hiking and camping outdoors, especially in winter is challenging. Backcountry exposure limits the comforts of home, like shower facilities and flush toilets.

Surviveware, a leading camping and hiking company, has developed a solution to cold weather hygiene issues: the Surviveware 40-Pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes. These wipes offer a new level of outdoor hygiene convenience in single, lightweight packs.

While other wipes are loaded with alcohol-based ingredients, Surviveware's wet wipes are manufactured using a skin-friendly hypoallergenic formula containing natural ingredients like aloe and vitamin E, providing nourishment for the skin while effectively removing dirt and grime. Safe for prolonged use, even on sensitive skin, these wet wipes are a great solution to backcountry hygiene problems.

As a camping hygiene essential, these wipes also help winter campers save on water consumption by serving as an effective shower alternative. A true jack-of-all-trades, the cloth can also be used to wipe off hiking gear, utensils, hunting equipment, and more.

The strong cloth sheets are made from biodegradable material that begins to decompose 28 days after use helping hikers and campers to minimize their environmental footprint when exploring the great outdoors.

When ordering, customers will receive a box containing 40 individually wrapped bath wipes. This is convenient for single packets to be shared or stored in pockets, purses, glove compartments, and hiking packs. They’re an economical choice as each wipe measures 8" x 12" so one to two sheets can get most jobs done.

Beth, a Surviveware Amazon customer, wrote a review about these 40-Pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes and shared how they helped her during their winter camping experience.

"These are perfect for our needs when traveling in winter when the plumbing in our camper is winterized (without water in our tanks or lines). A single wipe is sufficient to wash at least my upper body, including underarms and private parts. I have found that they don't leave my skin more than damp, and it dries quickly without toweling. They're soft, and sturdy, with a pleasant, neutral aroma."

Enjoy camping all year round with Surviveware 40-Pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes. Get your hygiene in a box now by clicking here.

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