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Storyly added monetization to its leading content delivery format in-app and web stories

Pushing further into the frontier of content delivery, Storyly has now made programmatic ads in story format a possibility for mobile apps and websites by integrating Google Ad Manager and Google AdMob, and Google AdSense respectively. Premium ads and direct deals with partners have also been unlocked on the Storyly Dashboard. Monetization with Storyly Stories as an additional revenue stream for marketers is now a reality.

Storyly is the engagement tool that brings the mobile native story format to all mobile apps and websites. With Storyly Stories, stakeholders in the mobile industry can communicate any message in a user-friendly set up while increasing user engagement and conversion rates.

Boosting revenue without sacrificing user experience is the name of the game - CTAs and interactive components provide an organic, native appearance and exposure. Today, millions of app users and website visitors watch stories powered by Storyly all around the world. Such story engagement opens up a world of opportunity for monetization within the mobile ecosystem.

Aykut Bal - Head of Product at Storyly said: “Finding a good balance between revenue from ads and preserving the user experience requires innovative monetization models. We are proud of this release, and continue to develop and invest in future best-practices within the mobile experience.”

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About Storyly:

Storyly is the first engagement tool enabling brands to create mobile stories in their own apps and on their own websites. It is a lightweight SDK (software development kit) that can be integrated in only 15 minutes - no coding experience necessary. In-app and web stories, by nature, provide an opportunity to communicate any message in an interactive way without interrupting the user experience. Storyly customers enjoy advanced personalization, targeting, and automation capabilities as well as an intuitive studio and dashboard. They also maximize revenues by monetizing this space thanks to Google Ads integration or with Shoppable Videos as a conversion booster.

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Release ID: 89062024

Name: Cansu Saraç
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Organization: Storyly