Wine Club World Features World Premiere Release in April

Earlier this month, highly exclusive boutique winery online wine club, Wine Club World, announced that it will feature a World Premiere Galante Vineyards release for its private club members in the month of April, 2015.

Wine Club World founder, Jenn Finnell, announced earlier this month that the exclusive boutique winery club will be premiering first time release Galante Vineyards Blackjack Pasture to the Aficionado Club in April of 2015.

“We were thrilled when Galante approached us to premiere the wine,” Finnell stated. “Jack (Galante) creates wines that never disappoint so we know the Blackjack Pasture is going to be fantastic!”

Bottled on the 5th of March, 2015, the estate produced varietal hails from the Carmel Valley and will be ready for shipment in early April, according to Finnell. While only the Aficionado Club will receive the first release, Wine Club World is featuring Galante Vineyards throughout the Club levels.

“We don't always have a single vineyard featured each month,” Finnell added. “But Galante has such a wonderful and unique selection, we wanted all of our members to enjoy the varietals produced by the winery.”

An exclusive “Members-Only” club, Wine Club World has set a new precedence for the wine loving public. While most online wine clubs feature affordable, easily obtainable wines, Wine Club World takes a different approach by teaming with exclusive boutique wineries to provide world-class varietals to its’ club members.

“While each varietal we showcase may not be a first release,” Finnell commented. “The small batch wines we feature are only available through club membership, our members-only store or from the wineries direct. You can't find our wines in your local wine store or through any other wine club. That is the defining factor that makes Wine Club World more exclusive than most online wine clubs.”

The “Members-Only” store, according to Finnell, will be launched in full capacity beginning in early April. The store will offer not only the exclusive current and past monthly featured wines, but additional varietals created by the featured wineries in addition to providing members access to exclusive merchandise, including the highly desirable wine glass charms and accessories by Woodsy Wino.

“Our pairing with Woodsy Wino was a no-brainer,” Finnell said, with a smile. “The quality and uniqueness of Woodsy Wino products match up with the exclusivity of Wine Club World perfectly. We're hoping to be able to launch the link to Woodsy Wino shortly after opening the 'Members-Only' store next month.”

With multiple clubs featuring specific price points for each level of membership, Wine Club World offers club levels for nearly any budget and experience. From the Novice wine drinker to the knowledgeable Aficionado and Sommelier (coming soon), Wine Club World has created an online wine club designed to provide its members with exclusive access to varietals not available anywhere else.

“Our members truly appreciate our concept and love getting different wines each month,” Finnell spoke. “While our partner wineries and vineyards are excited to be a part of this innovative new age in wine clubs, Wine Club World is the wave of the future for fine wine!”

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