Wine Charm Leader To Unveil New Designs At Nations Largest Pride Festival

Woodsy Wino, the industry leader in creative custom design for high quality wine charms, figures to be a major presence at the Twin Cities Pride Festival, June 27th and 28th, one of the largest Pride Festivals in the country.

The explosive growth in popularity of wine drinking in this nation has created a cottage industry for artists and jewelers alike. Wine accessories, specifically wine charms, have become a sought after and collectable item that allows people to celebrate their enjoyment of wine. One of the industry leaders in this new business model will be on hand at the annual Twin Cities Pride Festival this month to unveil their new designs.

“It’s a major accomplishment to be able to showcase the works of our designers here at the 2015 Twin Cities Pride Fest,” said Jennifer Finnell, owner of Woodsy Wino, a website for wine enthusiasts that specializes in hand crafted accessories. “With the expected crowds, we will be able to introduce our new designs to a majorly eclectic mix of people.”

Woodsy Wino has emerged in the business as a leader even though they have only been in business for two years, thanks to the fair pricing model they employ and the higher quality materials their artists work with. They have become especially well known for creating entire unique design lines for people who want special charms for their wedding, birthday or other celebrations.

One style of charm that is helping to set them further apart is the stemless wine glass charm. “People are moving away from traditional glassware and looking for styles that fit their sense of design,” Finnell said. “That includes these popular stemless wine glasses, and we have designed a new charm specifically for them that is distinct.”

The U.S. Government thinks so as well, as they are prepared to offer a provisional patent for the Woodsy Wino designs, which will be unveiled at the Twin Cities Pride Festival. Estimates range, but most experts believe there will be between 350,000 and 500,000 people attending the two day event, slated for June 27th and 28th. “The beauty of our wine charms is best experienced when you see them in person,” Finnell pointed out. “They look great online, but even more beautiful when you hold them.”

Finnell certainly knows a thing or two both about wine and marketing. When she is not overseeing the operations of Woodsy Wino, based in nearby Wisconsin, she is also the owner and President of Minnesota based Team Wildflower, a full service SEO company that also offers graphic design, personal management and crowd source funding. And for a change of pace – and weather – she is also one of four owners of Wine Club World, a Santa Barbara, CA based wine of the month club featuring ultra-premium California wines.

Still, one of the things she most looks forward to is getting out with the public to introduce them to the charms, and the charm, of Woodsy Wino. “We try to make the wine lifestyle fun and engaging for people, and having something like a custom designed wine rack or personalized wine glass charms helps to make that happen.”

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**Jack Terry is a freelance writer who has been covering the food and beverage industry for more than 20 years.

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