Wilhelm Architects Showcases Their Santa Barbara Luxury Home Design Services

The National Association of Home Builders reports that the market for custom homes is expanding. See how Wilhelm Architects is making homeowners' dreams come true at http://wilhelmarchitects.com.

According to statistics published by the National Association of Home Builder’s “Eye On Housing” Report, the market for custom homes is on the rise around the country. Although some may believe that choosing to build a dream home instead of purchasing an existing home is an unnecessary hassle, many recognize the value that an exclusive custom home can bring.

It is with these people in mind that Wilhelm Architects is showcasing its custom residential architecture services. Wilhelm isn’t in the business of building the average house. Instead, they are in the business of creating hillside homes, beach houses and other masterpieces that instill a sense of joy and peace in the families and individuals who will make their home there.

Jerry Wilhelm, the firm’s Principal Santa Barbara house architect, stated “Our firm doesn’t believe in simply building homes for people. Instead, we design and build them with people. On each residential project that our firm takes on, we collaborate closely with the client, essentially making them a partner in the design process. Every client has their own particular vision for creating their dream home, and this synergistic relationship is truly the “magic” that brings that vision to life.”

Wilhelm goes on to say, “What we push for throughout the entire process is an extraordinary result, something unexpected by both the client and the architect. This comes from our commitment to exploring the possibilities in the design process. From unconventional design ideas to considering new techniques and materials to using space, form, and light in artful ways, we have come to realize that creativity is in our DNA. This allows us to go beyond simply achieving an engineering goal and create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. In the end, we want homeowners to feel the intangible qualities of the design every time they look at or step into their home.”

“At wilhelm architects , we understand how a custom home can enrich the lives of the clients we work with. It’s about more than just a piece of property. It’s about creating a beautiful life full of joy and comfort for the individual or family who will reside there. In order to accomplish this, we pay attention to every little detail, including the ones that can’t be seen with the human eye. The team at Wilhelm recognizes that the process of building a home is deeply personal, and we are prepared to help the future homeowner create and realize the vision that they have for their lives.”

About Wilhelm Architects:

Wilhelm Architects is a Santa Barbara-based firm specializing in fine residential and commercial architecture and interiors. Their design philosophy begins with the unmeasurable – intentions, ideas, and desires. Through an established process that includes overcoming both legal and structural hurdles, the team at Wilhelm Architects is able to deliver a solution that does more than just meet technical execution goals and or put best design practices on display. Ultimately, the firm’s goal is to impart intangible qualities to their work through an uncommon attention to detail and by making artful use of space, form & light.

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