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The website provides information about studying abroad for students such as schools, scholarships, visa application forms and instructions, career orientation, English learning materials, etc.

Studying abroad is an opportunity to gain an educational program in a foreign country in order to acquire global skills and knowledge, attain a wider perspective of different cultures. Besides, it allows people to take a chance to pursue subjects and personal skills that are not even taught at the country's universities.

A bachelor's degree abroad is a big plus when applying for key positions in multinational companies. That will help applicants have a good career foundation or meet the sponsoring agency/organization's requirements. Hence, applicants’ job promotions and income can significantly increase.

WikiAbroad was established in 2014 by CEO Ha Ngoc Anh (Eric Ha) with an aim to provide young Vietnamese with study abroad information and support services, from career orientation and study abroad preparation to study process and after graduation in many colleges and universities in Australia, Canada, the USA, Singapore, New Zealand, etc.

This website is a platform providing the latest, most accurate and most useful information about studying abroad:

  • 16-year-experience experts should give useful advices on choosing the most suitable country/school/major based on parents' or students’ needs, study skills, financial conditions, and more.
  • WikiAbroad helps students to directly communicate with international students living/studying in foreign countries, which helps students have a more specific view of the abroad environment.
  •  WikiAbroad provides handbooks, instructions, costs, experiences on visa application, visa extension as well as information about types of visas.
  • Organizing activities and events to help connect Vietnamese young people with international students from all over the world: talk shows with experts, 1-on-1 discussions with mentors, study abroad money matters workshops or scholarship hunting experience, etc.
  • WikiAbroad organizes integration tours, survival training courses, career orientation programs, etc., to help the student's communication skills, soft skills and other skills.
  • WikiAbroad provides other services including airport shuttle service, student accommodation, student travel & educational tours, looking for guardians in Canada, SIM card registration, money transfers, bank account registration, SPG cards, etc.

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More information about Eric Ha – Founder of WikiAbroad:

  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Monash University
  • Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management from William Angliss Institute in Australia and in the top 10.
  • Typical young leaders of Vietnam - Australia

About the company: WikiAbroad was established in 2014 and has 5 offices in Vietnam, Australia, the USA, and Canada. Experienced professionals of WikiAbroad support students before, during, and after studying abroad with the best services in Vietnam.

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