Why Hunting Is Good - Hunterexperts Reveals ‘Economic and Environmental Benefits of Hunting

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Amazing Benefits of Hunting to Economy, Animals, and Environment

The economic benefit of hunting can never be overemphasized. Hunting activities have yielded thousands of jobs in the USA, ranging from hunting for animals to manufacturing and selling hunting equipment like bows, hunting pants, best hunting gloves, trail cameras, and camouflaged clothing. These activities have created over 680,000 jobs in the United States. [1]
“In pursuing their passion, hunters have become a giant economic engine that provides the support to create numerous jobs directly involved in the provision, and sale of hunting products and services”- Southwick Associates. 2012 Hunting in America: An Economic Force for Conservation.

Data from www.fs.fed.us reveals that hunting generates approximately $12 billion annually in federal, state, and local tax revenues in the USA, which is fine for a sector that is not fully utilized (only 15 million of the USA national population hunt as of 2020). Since 2006, hunters’ expenditures have grown 55% - Southwick Associates. 2012 Hunting in America: An Economic Force for Conservation

Interestingly, hunting generates 70% of funds for state wildlife agencies each year in the United States through hunting licenses and federal taxes on ammunition, firearms, angling equipment, membership dues, and contributions. However, due to the recent decline in hunting participation, the state agencies are now understaffed and unable to fund their projects, including effective management programs and the protection of important habitats.

Sales of wildlife goods contribute meaningfully to food security in the USA. The proceeds from sales of these products are used to purchase other food items directly or indirectly. Furthermore, hunters and their families consume some of these products as food.
Again, the hunting sector tends to improve the textile industry through the adequate supply of raw materials like hides and skin to produce coats, gloves, bags, leather goods, and footwear. Besides, other animal products like fur bones are used to make fertilizers and also serve as feed to livestock.

Hunting goes far beyond killing animals for fun, and it is a controversial issue in today’s world. There are several opinions on hunting, although some against it believe this game is immoral and harmful to animals. They also believe hunters kill animals for fun. However, ecological studies have shown that hunters care more for society and animals.
According to Teddy Roosevelt, “in a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals solely exist when preserved by sportsmen. He further stated that people who protest hunting and consider it inhumane are ignorant of reality. The reason is that a genuine sportsman is by all odds the most important factor in keeping the larger and valuable wild creatures from going into extinction’’. [2]
When it comes to determining whether hunting is beneficial to society, many advocates of hunting maintain that the activities of hunters are of great support to conservation. It was also argued that hunting is a means of generating income for society. An example was cited that money generated from hunting can be used to maintain and manage parks and research on different animals. In addition to that, wildlife conservation funds help in the development and enhancement of natural ecosystems.

One great benefit of hunting is how it aids in population control. Hunting is an important wildlife management tool. It helps to conserve important native species by controlling the wildlife population. Without hunting, the wildlife population will exceed the environmental capacity, thereby endangering the lives of humans and native species. Regulated hunting ensures a reduction in wild animals and helps to keep the environment safe. For instance, overpopulation of deer can be problematic for humans, such as frequent car collisions and the spread of Zoonotic diseases. It can also disrupt wildlife communities by eating away undergrowth, resulting in the disappearance of many native species.

Aside from improving economy, hunting fosters a strong bond with nature and promotes a healthier lifestyle [3]. With the best hunting pants and some essential gears handy, you can wander the wild to enjoy its beautiful and adventurous nature.
In summary, the hunting industry is a vital sector in the USA as it offers economic and environmental benefits. Hunting activity helps create jobs for hunters and other sectors of the economy like the textile and processing industry. It also helps to generate revenue for both federal and state governments. Hunting activities in the USA help conserve wildlife, protect crucial habitats, and are a great way to appreciate the beautiful nature of the wild.

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