Why 3rd-Generation Diamantaire RockHer Embraced Lab Grown Diamonds

“Consumers don’t just want lab-grown diamonds,” Vernon says. “Consumers want beautiful lab-grown diamonds that have been sourced responsibly at the best possible price."

When your father is a diamond expert, and his father before him, these sparkling gems are more than just adornment. They are part of your identity. So you can understand why third-generation jeweler Jim Vernon, CEO of RockHer, immediately rejected lab-created diamonds when they first appeared on the market.

To be honest, it wasn’t initially a hard decision. When they first hit the consumer market, lab-grown gems were uninspiring: off-color, full of inclusions, and not that much cheaper than natural diamonds.

And RockHer doesn’t sell mediocre diamonds. In fact, its entire business is based on offering the best possible value, not just low prices. RockHer built the world’s first AI-powered digital gemologist powered by IBM’s Watson to sort through hundreds of thousands of diamonds every day, weighing more than 20 quality factors to recommend the best possible current choice for every customer’s budget.

And RockHer had spent years developing its mine-to-market pipeline of traceable natural diamonds, even working directly with Lipari, the Brazilian mining company that’s been praised for its close ties to surrounding communities.

But two years ago, the RockHer team saw a parcel of lab-grown diamonds that made Vernon question everything. Grown by the chemical vapor deposition process, they were type IIa, the rarest, purest type of diamond. They were fine, icy E and F color with no visible inclusions, cut with precision, and dancing with light. And they were 40% less than the comparable natural diamonds.

Immediately, Vernon knew that many RockHer customers would appreciate these beautiful lab-grown gems. So he took a deep breath and went to work finding a source for top-quality lab-grown diamonds at competitive prices, focusing not on the cheapest possible alternatives but lab-grown diamonds selected and cut by real diamond experts, the cream of the lab-grown crop.

“Consumers don’t just want lab-grown diamonds,” Vernon says. “Consumers want beautiful lab-grown diamonds that have been sourced responsibly at the best possible price. And they want the best possible quality jewelry, made by skilled craftsmen here in the U.S. to last generations, not cheaply made mass-market one-size-fits-all settings. That requires real expertise.”

Now RockHer customers can create lab-grown diamond engagement rings that are not just a substitute for natural diamonds but real triumphs of the jeweler’s art on their own terms, crafted to the same high standards as RockHer’s natural diamond engagement rings, with either lab-grown or natural diamond accent gems in recycled precious metals.

“We’ll always sell natural diamonds and support our friends who mine these amazing billion-year-old natural wonders responsibly,” Vernon says. “But now we’re also offering our customers the choice to embrace the future instead of the past if that feels right to them.”

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