WHOMENTORSDOTCOM INC. Intends To Recruit 10,000 Volunteers Worldwide To Publish Apps for Public Benefit

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A recipient of the Apple, Inc. Developer Fee Waiver, WHOMENTORSDOTCOM INC., announces the goal to invite 10,000 individual volunteers from around the world to virtually join its Apple Development Team

Rauhmel Fox, the Director and Chief Executive Officer of WHOMENTORSDOTCOM INC., leads the initiative to encourage uncompensated volunteering across the globe to “do what you like to do,” in the name of the organization, in communities other than their own, under supervision and accountability.

Eligible candidates who describe their civic, charitable, or humanitarian reasons for volunteering are asked to commit to genuine and substantial duty by joining the organization’s Apple Development Team. Using their own equipment, applicants can voluntarily create and publish apps for the Apple TV, iWatch, iPadOS, MacOS and iOS platforms for millions for users in 26 categories. Submissions that meet the App Store Review Guidelines for distribution as free apps by a nonprofit organization will be published on the account managed by WHOMENTORSDOTCOM INC. See http://ios.whomentors.com

During the recently held Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple, Inc. revealed ways of finding “even more opportunities for learning, networking, and fun in addition to Apple’s conference.” Devoid of any nonprofit organization approved by Apple, Inc. to receive the developer fee waiver, WHOMENTORSDOTCOM INC. sees this omission as a galvanizing moment to inspire and activate 10,000 volunteers to fill the roles of 1) Admin 2) App Manager, 3) Developer 4) Finance, 5) Marketing, 6) Sales 7) Customer Support, 8) UX/UI Digital Interface Designer, and 9) Beta Tester. WHOMENTORSDOTCOM INC. has the option of adding additional members to its team since the entity is enrolled as an account holder.

The Volunteer Protection Act states a volunteer is anyone who: (1) performs services; (2) for WHOMENTORSDOTCOM INC., a Delaware Charitable Nonstock Exempt Corporation; and (3) either: (a) receives no compensation (although reasonable reimbursement for expenses incurred is allowed), or (b) does not receive anything of value in lieu of compensation, in excess of $500 per year. Although the purpose of the Act is to limit lawsuits against volunteers, WHOMENTORSDOTCOM INC. has general liability coverage based on its risk management needs.

Employees, who work for companies with matching gifts for time and/or monetary grants, receive priority consideration. In situations when F-1 nonimmigrant status holders in the United States of America, cannot find paid employment during the first year of work authorization before the 90-day limit, international students on post-completion OPT may be eligible to volunteer 20 hours per week for WHOMENTORSDOTCOM INC., where the practice does not violate applicable labor laws.

Foreign nationals abroad who have a US degree, or its equivalent, may be invited by WHOMENTORSDOTCOM INC. to the USA on a B-1 Business Visitor Visa as Participants in Voluntary Service Programs. Applicants participating in a voluntary service program benefiting U.S. local communities, must establish that they are strongly affiliated with, and have a commitment to, WHOMENTORSDOTCOM INC. No salary or remuneration should be paid from a U.S. source, other than an allowance or other reimbursement for expenses incidental to the volunteers’ stay in the United States of America.

For general information visit - http://whomentors.com/ or watch the explainer video: http://volunteer.whomentors.com. WHOMENTORSDOTCOM INC. relies heavily on volunteers and service fees. An individual is not entitled to unjustly enrich herself/himself at the organization's expense.

Email Rauhmel@WHOmentors.com to discuss applicable annual registration and monthly supervision fees before making the decision to join the Apple Development Team for WHOMENTORSDOTCOM INC.


WHOMENTORSDOTCOM INC. is a Delaware Charitable Nonstock Exempt Corporation recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. The entity is an H-1B cap-exempt employer and supervises strongly affiliated volunteers who advance their own funds for the operation of more than 680 activity codes for the accomplishment of scientific, educational, and charitable purposes.

Contact Info:
Name: Rauhmel Fox, Director & CEO
Email: Send Email
Address: 99 S Almaden Blvd., Suite 600 San Jose, CA 95113
Phone: 415-373-6767
Website: https://www.whomentors.com

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Name: Rauhmel Fox, Director & CEO
Email: Send Email
Address: 99 S Almaden Blvd., Suite 600 San Jose, CA 95113