Wholesale123 Assures Real Estate Investing Career with No Money Down!

Newly launched Real Estate investing site Wholesale123 has promised to educate amateur investors on how to be a prosperous investor with little or no money. Candidates can choose from one-on-one coaching or eBook guide.

Amazing news for the aspiring real estate investors- Newly launched real estate investing site Wholesale123 has assured expert coaching for potential real estate investing career with no money down.

Wholesale123 might be a new arrival across the online scene, but its founder is a seasoned real estate investor backed by the experience of buying & selling $500,000 worth of properties last year alone.

"I have launched the site to impart a one on one coaching program for the aspiring real estate investors. Capital is an issue for the start-up investors. Thus, we would be teaching new investors how to embark on a prosperous real estate investing career with little to no money," stated the man behind Wholesale123.

The one on one real estate classes would be for 6 months where Wholesale123 would coach the trainees till they complete their first real estate transaction.

Speaking about the 6 month course coverage, the Wholesale123 manager stressed the seamless email support & six scheduled phone conferences. The phone conferences will be used to discuss real estate goals, and set strategic action steps to achieve those goals.

"We will guide you with step-by-step directions on property value determination & how to negotiate desirable deals with the home owners. Our expert coaching program allows the trainees to set and accomplish personal investment goals, supported by a seasoned coach. We are ready to extend additional monthly training until you finalize the first transaction," elaborated the manager.

The Wholesale123 one on one coaching trainees would also receive an eBook copy of "Wholesale 1-2-3 training course". The $4,500 worth course is currently available at $350.

Added to one on one 6 month coaching session, the wholesale real estate website is also offering investor training through its "Wholesale 1-2-3 training course" eBook. Trainees can purchase the eBook coaching manual & place queries via email. The website promised seamless email support with 24 hours of response time.

About Wholesale123:
Wholesale123 is a rising real estate investment site which is offering training programs for new real estate investors through eBook manual and one on one coaching program.

Contact Info:
Name: Jemone McIntosh
Email: Send Email
Organization: Wholesale 1-2-3
Address: P.O. Box 112300, Cincinnati, OH 45211, United States
Phone: 513-264-5749

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