Whois XML API Extends WHOIS Data supplying Threat Intelligence and cyber-security technology

WHOIS XML API, an established domain and ip whois data company, is currently providing cyber threat intelligence via its real time API, data download and web-based tools.

WHOIS XML API is a major big data provider of domain whois, research and monitoring, ip and DNS data via API, database download and web-based tools. It has recently expanded offering to include cyber threat intelligence data. The team at WHOIS XML API work towards the development of new uses for WHOIS and DNS technology. The company’s outspread customer base ranges from clandestine government agencies to cybercrime units, cyber-security and antimalware companies, brand protection agencies, banks, data warehouses, domain researchers, marketing researchers, domain resellers, registrars, and others.

WHOIS XML API has created a wide range of data and real time API products and solutions in cyber-security, fraud detection, brand protection, domain management, registrar services, cyber law enforcement and banking. Its flagship products include Whois API webservice, whois database download, Whois History, Domain Research and Monitoring, Domain reputation API, and much more.

Cybercrime has been in constant rise in the last 5 years, and WHOIS XML API provides WHOIS API software with specialized registrar WHOIS services and Internet Statistics reports, as well as real-time WHOIS history API that has been combined with reverse WHOIS API for executing relevant investigations of cybersecurity attacks.

WHOIS XML API also allows daily downloads of recently expired or newly registered domains. The exclusive domain availability API by WHOIS XML API is a widely used tool for domainers. WHOIS XML API also provides brand protection tools via comprehensive WHOIS software, allowing users to monitor specific terms that come under the domain of the respective intellectual property. This allows users to remain automatically notified if intellectual property rights have been breached.

WHOIS data provided by WHOIS XML API allows users to keep track of several domains in real time. The relevant data provided by WHOIS XML API also enables users to obtain the necessary information concerning specific domain or TLD, as well as registrar’s name, contact details, and other information often used for targeting a particular customer base.

Whois XML API is a prominent Domain Data intelligence provider with over 50,000 clients and has been recognized in both 2017 and 2018 as one of Inc. 5000 fastest growing Top IT Companies. Currently, over half of the threat intelligence companies use its flagship whois database product, including Amazon, Apple, IBM, Cisco, Symantec, American Express, and RSA Security.

For more information, contact: https://www.whoisxmlapi.com/whois-database-download.php

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