WhatsApp For PC Publishes How To Guide Enabling Users To Get WhatsApp On Their Desktop

WhatsApp For PC is an online resource center that has just published guides explaining how frustrated users can install WhatsApp onto their PC for better usability.

WhatsApp is an essential texting app for smart phones that enables users to send messages to individuals and groups using a phone’s internet connection, making it far cheaper and more useful than traditional texting. The problem is that the app is only available for smart phones, and the original developers refuse to allow the app to be integrated into PCs, Macs and other desktops. As such, innovators have found other methods to install WhatsApp on desktops, and WhatsApp For PC regularly posts new editorials showing how to do this step by step.

The guides are published every time a new method is devised, and each method is reviewed for its ease, advantages and disadvantages. The articles include using Android as a third party emulator to open the app, using third party WhatsApp compatible PC apps and other similar services like Virtual Number.

The guides and tutorials are regularly updated and are an invaluable resource for those frustrated by WhatsApp’s unavailability on desktop devices. The latest publications to the site include a comprehensive how-to article that gives users a single resource to act from, saving them from having to read every article.

A spokesperson for WhatsApp For PC explained “Having reviewed a huge number of ways people have invented to get WhatsApp on PC, we now believe that Blue Stacks app player is the best way of doing so- simply download BlieStacks and WhatsApp, add your phone number, and you will be able to browse, message and send files through WhatsApp just as you can through a mobile device. It offers the simplest, most streamlined solution, and we have included links within our article so users can download WhatsApp for PC directly from us and save themselves both time and hassle.”

About WhatsApp For PC: WhatsApp For PC was born out of the great need people expressed for a Desktop WhatsApp. The developers saw great demand for such a product and after non-compliance on the part of the WhatsApp company’s officials they decided to do it themselves, creating the website with all the ways to download and install WhatsApp on all different desktop platforms including Mac, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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