What’s Your Face LED Mask is a Fully Customizable Face Mask With Unlimited Possibilities

Live on Kickstarter, What's Your Face LED Mask is a customizable, full-color LED face mask in which users can become any character of their choice.

What’s Your Face LED Mask, the revolutionary new mask from Neon Culture that lets users fully customize their face via a bluetooth connected app, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Buying a single mask to wear means paying a high cost upfront and being stuck with a mask that, in all reality, a person might get a single use out of. What’s Your Face LED Mask is a groundbreaking new product that allows users to fully customize the character on their face— again, and again and again. With an easy to use app that lets users instantly change the look on their face, the design and creative possibilities truly are endless. Concerts, raves, conventions, music festivals, events and more will never be the same.

"I have always loved the do-it-yourself aspect, especially with some of the amazing cosplayers I have met at conventions that loved our merchandise, so I wanted to create a mask where you could be any cosplay character you want!” says owner Robert Valentine on the inspiration behind the project. “Why be one character, when you can be them all!”

To get started, users simply download the What’s Your Face custom application to their phone and then sync the phone to the What's Your FACE LED mask through Bluetooth. Users can then download their favorite character faces online, and send it directly to the mask. Just like that, the mask will instantly transform.

The What’s Your Face LED Mask features:

• Over 2,000 full color LEDs
• Chargeable via USB
• 12 hours of run time on a full charge
• Customizable text that can appear on the mask
• Visual equalizer effect that syncs with music from a user’s phone

"This State of The Art LED Mask is our Newest Release and the excitement it creates is phenomenal. When you buy a normal mask, you are stuck being that same character, as where with our What's Your FACE Mask you can easily change it to whatever you want, when you want!” adds Valentine. "The mask is completely mobile, lightweight and can be easily carried into any concert, event or convention. Why be one character, when you can be them all!”

The Neon Culture Customizable LED Face Mask is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/neonculture/whats-your-face-the-customizable-led-face-mask

About Neon Culture

Our name is Neon Culture and we have been creating cosplay neon glow masks since 2014! We go to conventions and the attendees really enjoy what we have to offer! The owner Robert of Neon Culture is also a professional DJ & has played hundreds of Shows across The North East and South. He has always enjoyed seeing people wear Light up LED glow products when he performs! 

For more information on Neon Culture please visit www.shopneonculture.com


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