Whatis180 Re-Launches Information Site for Outdoor Sports, Health, and Technology

Designed for enthusiasts who want to improve themselves, learning about specific products and niche industries

The detailed review company, Whatis180.com re-launched today, offering consumers in-depth reviews and information on popular technology, health and outdoor sports. Whatis180 went through multiple updates in both the company structure and website structure. The website is designed for enthusiasts who want to improve themselves and learn as much as possible about specific products and niche industries by obtaining information on them and completing in-depth reviews.

“We have a passion for the types of products we choose, and so do our users,” said Jon Lindquist, founder and CEO of Whatis180.com. “A lot of times, the average enthusiast does not have the time needed in order to make a thorough judgement call. Or, they may not know how. Digging deeply into a topic like how to find the best saltwater trolling motors requires knowing a lot about mechanics and sometimes electronics. Our new crew does the heavy lifting for you and gives you recommendations to make the right buying decisions on our re-launched site.”

What is 180 provides unbiased reviews with a wide view on specific products. The site carries articles about such topics as the Best Electric All-Terrain Vehicles 2017, the Best Electric All-Terrain Vehicles 2017, and more. In the Health & Fitness category, for example, the site offers the “Best Straight Razors 2017 – Buyer’s Guide.” In this guide, the consumer can learn the difference between a Solingen Steel blade, stainless steel and carbon steel. “Details count when you’re looking for a good shave,” Lindquist added.

Attention to detail and depth are the new site’s main specialties. Differences between similar products may seem subtle, but the company states that they want their users to know of any disparities before buying. The newly re-launched site is placing more attention to these details in their reviews.

Lindquist considers himself a “Certified PC nerd and adventure seeker — a guy that wants to know it all. With this site, he can now help others know it all and seek their own adventures.


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