What Is DNA Theta Healing Answered By New Editorials From Kara Lange, An Advanced Practitioner And Instructor

DNA Theta Healing By Kara Lange has aimed to offer the definitive resource on DNA Theta Healing to make the service more available to the millions who could benefit from the unique practice.

DNA Theta Healing is a new alternative medicine practice that operates on the mind and is considered a therapeutic approach, taking on the challenges commonly undertaken by psychological or psychiatric approaches and aiming to resolve them at a spiritual level. The practice has come under criticism from skeptics as little is known about how it really works, and DNA Theta Healing by Kara aims to dispel any illusions or misconceptions by providing detailed information on the process through their website.

To help people understand DNA Theta Healing, Kara Lange has actually shared a video of an example healing session taking place, in which the practitioner connects with and requests God to replace maladaptive patterns in the DNA, collective unconscious, subconscious and conscious levels to create a complete transformation in individuals.

The idea that thoughts and behaviors can affect DNA has now been found to have a scientific basis. The Theta Healing process’ effect on the individual is very clear thanks to the websites detailed explanations and testimonials. It works using the Theta brain wave as a way to access deeper levels of consciousness and quickly and permanently change longstanding maladaptive patterns and programs.

A spokesperson for DNA Theta Healing By Kara explained, “The website includes written and video resources that aim to illuminate the practice, which is capable of enabling people to feel more joy, more peace, attract new relationships or improve current ones, or even help people overcoming addictions. This is because DNA Theta Healing helps to stop people getting in their own way, quickly and permanently removing defensive, destructive thinking patterns and replacing them with loving, nurturing ones that can transform people’s lives.”

About DNA Theta Healing: DNA Theta Healing is a theta healing service that reaches out and touches God (the creator of All that is) and asks God to assist in removing one program and replacing it with another one. The practitioner will then witnesses the replacement and confirms by performing a muscle test. What was met by skepticism is now transforming lives, and is available to all.

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