What is an INFJ? - The Dark Knight of Personalities

INFJ is the rarest personality type in all of Myers & Briggs. So what is INFJ personality type?

INFJ is the rarest personality Type. The video below we have all 15 personality type facts, characteristics about this INFJ archetypes explained. Watch the video about INFJ's personality type here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTXkEffmev4

Video about INFJ Personality Type:

INFJ Personality Type - The Rarest of All
This Personality Type is rare. It's also called the Dark Knight of personalities. INFJs are only 10% of the population. About 99% of the population belongs to the other INFP , INTP, INTJ, or ISTJ personalities. They are the Hidden Masters of the Universe and seem to be mysterious and difficult to understand.

INFJ Characteristics
INFJs will tend to have a deep inner connection with everything around them, which has a protective, nurturing and concerned approach. They are good at giving advice and self-criticism, but they are able to balance the two aspects of their personality, to be able to support and help others as well. They are optimistic in terms of living life to the full. INFJs can show compassion, justice and humanity. They have incredible memories that can be used for relating with and trusting the people they are close to. INFJ's Family and Career Type INFJs are very talented at starting new jobs, especially if it involves innovation or travel. However, they tend to have great difficulty staying in one place for long, so they prefer jobs that offer them the chance to leave their comfort zone often.

INFJ In Relationships
INFJs are the rarest personality Type and are almost never taken seriously by others, this makes it challenging for INFJs to find a partner. If you happen to be an INFJ and are dating an INTJ, try talking to him more and see if he takes it more seriously. I know that it's easier said than done, but once you show him that you are serious, he will start taking things more seriously too. INFJs and their marriages, dubbed the INFJ marriages, are passionate and they want their partners to be the same. They need a partner who is serious and has the same interests. INFJ personality type needs to be reminded that their self-esteem is tied to their partners and not to themselves. They have to be reassured that they matter and that they are important to others. A supportive spouse, gives them confidence.

INFJ in Work Place
INFJ's strong focus on relationships in life is found in their work as well. They are also characterised for having great interpersonal skills. They can also have great relationships at work but often act coldly or purposefully unaware of others' feelings. Relationship Compatibility are what INFJs are known for. As INFJs, they tend to value relationships in life above all else. They tend to love their friends but sometimes will be accused of being unfriendly. INFJ personality type can be highly critical of others and without much emotion, making them a difficult personality to understand.

The Lovely INFJ Personality Type
This may seem like a silly idea but INFJs do not like to talk about themselves. And, what makes INFJs a great conversation partner is that they do not tell others how to feel, what to do or think. They are not selfish, yet, they are, in many ways, selfless and take on the perspective of other people because they get what people are going through. INFJ intuition is a gift they can share with the rest of the world. Do you have friends of INFJ personality type?

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