What if the Future Can be Planned? Dr. Merran Cooper Makes it Easy for Everyone

Dr Cooper wants to improve end of life care by giving power back to people to make decisions and informed choices about the medical care they want to receive or not, regardless of age or disability.

How to run one's life during a major medical emergency is a common concern that many people will have at some point in their lives. They wonder how they will be able to make their own decisions if they get into an accident.

Dr. Cooper wanted to create a platform where those worries do not affect one's life. She created Advance Life Care, which is an innovative online platform to assist people in making an advanced care plan so people can respect their wishes in case of a medical emergency or if they cannot voice decisions.

There have been many cases around the world where a family member gets into an accident or becomes sick and they are unable to speak or move.  It's a huge responsibility for the family to suddenly decide what happens next on that person’s behalf.

Advance Life Care is able to assist and it can all be done online. No more out of date plans that are invalid. No more crumbled pieces of paper that cannot be found. No more plans lost in the ambulance on the way to hospital. Best of all, it’s easily updated so the plans are legally and medically valid. We know that most of our health budget is spent on the final year and months of patient's life, giving care they may not even want. Advance Life Care prevents those  times when treatment such as feeding tubes or IV lines are started without the patients’ wishes being known, and then it's difficult to undo.

That's why Advance Life Care is the answer. They allow one to proactively plan their healthcare preferences, with a World First guided questionnaire so their medical wishes are clear and aligned with their own values and beliefs. It’s a very easy process, whereby people can share with their GP, attorney or loved ones. Their document is secure, and can be accessed quickly in a medical emergency. http://advancelifecare.com

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