“What Grandma Taught Me” Honors Grandmothers on Grandparents Day by Hitting #1 Best Seller in USA and Japan

“What Grandma Taught Me”, by Keiko Izushi with Paula Henstridge, launched to #1 Amazon Best Seller on Grandparents Day, September 13, 2020. Written as a tribute to Grandmothers around the world, part of the proceeds will be donated to the Babushka Adoption Foundation in Kyrgyzstan.

Two women, Japanese and American, who never met in person, bonded over writing a book in tribute to grandmothers around the world. For Keiko Izushi and Paula Henstridge, their grandmothers played a huge role in who they became so they felt called to honor their grandmothers’ gifts in a book. They invited others from around the world to share their memories of their grandmothers in “What Grandma Taught Me: A Worldwide Tribute to Grandmother and Their Legacies.” Over the last year and through a pandemic lockdown, they lovingly gathered stories reflecting grandma’s universal love. They launched the book on Grandparents Day, September 13, 2020, and it quickly hit the #1 spot on the best seller’s list in Japan and the USA.

The stories come from Kyrgyz Republic, Japan, the United States, Armenia, Korea, the Dominican Republic, and France. One unifying theme runs through the book -- that grandmothers play an important part in shaping who their grandchildren become. They encourage their grandchildren’s passions, whether for art, music, history, or helping others. Grandmas create hopes, not expectations. They don’t judge; they simply let grandchildren be who they were born to be. Through these stories, readers will travel around the world, feeling warm Caribbean breezes, tantalized by the comforting aroma of home-cooked meals, and feeling secure in the memory of their grandmother’s hugs. As Izushi says, “Grandma's unconditional love is universal, providing a protected place for the child to be who they are. Grandmas encourage their grandchildren to pursue their dreams and help them find the courage to take the next step no matter how big or small.”

“The way you captured this topic of grandma is really very nice. Often, we take the existence of grandma for granted and do not appreciate them as much when so much love and care is involved.” ~ book reviewer, Akiko Yuge

Keiko Izushi grew up remembering the soft arms of her grandmother’s hug. Her grandmother instilled in her a compassion for others. It’s no surprise that Izushi channeled her compassion into a career of humanitarian service in countries such as Afghanistan, Indonesia, Italy, Japan and Kyrgyzstan. In November of this year, she is embarking a new adventure with this best selling book. You will find her in Japan, Bali, Indonesia, or the United Kingdom.

Paula Henstridge is nearing the end of her 40-year career in public service, so she was excited to join Keiko in a new and completely different adventure. She enjoys life in her native Virginia with her husband and their wonderful families, including four delightful grandchildren.

Izushi and Henstridge are proud to donate part of the proceeds to help the Babushka Adoption Foundation in Kyrgyzstan. www.babushkaadoption.org/en

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