WFoodExpo Teases Upcoming Virtual Event in March 2021

A brand new and exclusive virtual exhibition by WFoodExpo is being launched in March 2021. It will include a range of speakers and guests, encouraging businesses around the world to connect.

A brand new startup is planning to host the first, largest virtual B2B food, beverage, and agriculture exhibition. WFoodExpo will host this exhibition online, and it is currently the only one that specializes in the B2B trading of food and beverages. It will be seen as a way of letting businesses link with one another around the world, connecting companies and creating partnerships that allow both parties to thrive. WFoodExpo has made the exhibition as interactive as possible, giving attendees a chance to communicate with one another, viewing virtual exhibition booths, and speaking about current trends.

A startup fuelled by industry experience
WFoodExpo is a startup website that has well over 30 years of food & beverage experience behind it. The founders have specialised in B2B trading, importing, and exporting, working with suppliers and buyers all over the world. The idea for WFoodExpo was born out of a need for companies to find the right buyers/suppliers, while understanding the latest industry prices. For many small businesses this has always been a troublesome task, with negotiations falling through. This startup company is keen to change that, offering the latest solutions to help bring the food and beverage industry into the digital age.

Leading the way for a better future
The WFoodExpo website offers companies a chance to become part of a global community. Indeed, the startup hopes that this community will thrive and help each member grow their B2B trading business. It’s all about giving businesses the tools required to reach out to others, negotiate deals, and find the ideal partners. While that platform is still very young in industry terms, it has enjoyed plentiful success in leading the way for a better future.

With the upcoming virtual event in March, businesses have a chance to join under three different guises. They can simply attend and observe, have their own virtual exhibition booth, or be a sponsor. The event itself will cover all the latest and pressing topics in the F&B industry, as well as offering virtual networking opportunities for all companies involved.

About WFoodExpo
Founded in 2019, WFoodExpo is an online platform with a very simple mission. The owners began their journey in the virtual trading world, and have since dedicated themselves to bin in the side of all B2B F&B trading companies, helping them find their feet in the digital era. The startup continues to push boundaries and develop innovative ideas and solutions for businesses within this industry. In the coming years, WFoodExpo strives to become the leading global exhibition for the F&B industry, as well as facilitating daily transactions and communications between trading partners.

To register interest in the event, or to add it to a Google Calendar, visit the website here:

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