Weston Rehab Launches Innovative, Effective Alternative Treatment Program

Austin, TX based drug and alcohol facility to offer unconventional psychotherapy program utilizing eye movement desentization reprocessing for patients with PTSD provoked addictions

Over 20 million Americans habitually abuse drugs and alcohol in America each year. The combined cost of this abuse to the country now soars in excess of an estimated $400 billion dollars annually. These numbers are staggering, and yet fail to adequately calculate the true cost of shattered families, broken dreams, lost lives, shame, despair and degradation. Traditional drug treatment programs typically reach but a certain segment of the population, leaving others who, although they may achieve temporary sobriety, eventually relapse. Studies have shown drug and alcohol recovery programs that recognize the innate spiritual need within human beings are often more successful than their secular brethren. Such programs that are also willing to innovate are frequently the most successful of all. Thus, it is with great pride that the Christian faith oriented Weston Rehab Center (WestonRehab.org) announces the launch of their Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) program.

According to Weston Rehab's public relations liaison, Kimberly Brown, "Many addicted people experienced some sort of trauma earlier in their lives, from experiences such as child abuse, personal loss, war experiences, etc. These traumas, in combination with inadequate coping skills are what led many people to first attempt to ease their symptoms by self-medicating, which in turn, led to addiction. EMDR goes to the root of the problem by helping people to properly process their traumatic memories, which in turn eases force of the drive that urges them to use their substance of choice." EMDR has successfully helped many patients experience a lessening of the symptoms affiliated with their traumatic memories.

According to Brown, at its most basic, EMDR is a means to help people with traumatic memories process them so that they can move past them. A therapist utilizes the brain's neurological processing power through directed rapid eye movements while the patient is experiencing the memory of the trauma he sustained. This works to process images in the brain much as does REM sleep, only the patient is awake at the time. Several research studies have reported on the high success rate of EMDR - one study reported the elimination of PTSD in 90% of patients after only three sessions. EMDR can be successfully combined with a number of other treatment modalities, making it one of the most powerful tools in a therapist's arsenal.

About Weston Rehab:

Weston Rehab is one of the most well-respected Christian drug and alcohol treatment centers in Texas. This cutting edge facility provides a safe, nurturing and protected environment in which residents may uncover the roots of their addictions, thus allowing them to heal. Weston Rehab specializes in treating all aspects of a person, including the spirit, mind and body, and seeks to stay at the forefront of emerging drug and alcohol treatment programs .

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