Westgate Family Dental to receive technological overhaul and advanced training courtesy of new owner Dr. Vu Kong

Dr. Vu Kong becomes the new owner of Westgate Family Dental with plans for serious overhauls to improve services and care.

With over 45 years of experience serving residents in the Austin area, Dr. Vu Kong becomes the new owner of Westgate Family Dental and has outlined plans to improve its technology and services to offer patients a higher level of care. Together with advanced training strategies and serious technological investment, Dr. Vu Kong plans to raise the bar with his sophisticated and patient-centric approach to dental care.

Westgate Family Dental is a family-friendly dental practice that welcomes patients of all ages to their Austin-based dental office. With decades of experience in the field, Westgate Family Dental holds exceptionally high standards. Their philosophy is that their patients should receive the best possible dental care, but also be offered all of the convenient technological services they need to feel comfortable at home. Westgate Family Dental applies this philosophy to the practice as a whole which helps to create knowledgeable, faithful, and helpful staff.

Dr. Yarbrough and Dr. Kong prefer to keep the practice as a “one-stop” shopping experience by providing as many procedures in-house as possible. To assist in this process, the dental practice will be upgrading its technology to make it easier for patients to get the care they need at a moment’s notice. However, they also have a strong focus on offering consistency and proficiency. In order to provide a consistently high level of care, Dr. Vu Kong focuses on advanced training to ensure that only the finest experienced dentists will help take care of patients.

Westgate Family Dental aims to provide a professional experience from the moment a patient walks in through the door. With low employee turnover rates, the dental clinic hopes to provide patients with the same level of care from the same familiar faces that have been a part of the practice for the past few decades. By creating a family-like environment, Westgate Family Dental sets itself apart from competitors in the region with its gentle and welcoming approach.

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Name: Dr. Vu Kong
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Organization: Westgate Family Dental
Address: 6700 West Gate Blvd, Suite 101, Austin TX 78745
Phone: 512-447-0808
Website: https://wgfdental.com

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