West Coast Shipping offers vehicle shipping services for the French auto import market

International car shipper enables French customers to transport vehicles from the United States to France

West Coast Shipping, a California-based auto shipping company, is now offering a specialized vehicle shipping service for the French market. The company has been transporting vehicles overseas for more than a decade and has built a reputation as a reliable worldwide shipper. Their French transportation service makes it even easier for car owners to import their vehicles from the US to France, regardless of the reason for shipping it.

Importing a vehicle is simple with the help of West Coast Shipping. Due to the language barriers that can prevent complete understanding when importing a car to France, the firm s team of experienced petrol heads can take care of all of the red tape. They do everything they can to ensure a customer s car arrives safe and sound.

Customers generally have numerous reasons to import their vehicles to an overseas destination such as France. For instance, many Americans who go on extensive vacations or families who move abroad want to have their beloved cars with them. In addition, car buyers outside of the United States buy and import American cars to their home countries. These vehicles are added to private collections or sold to other owners. Regardless of the reason, West Coast Shipping has shipped and imported vehicles for a number of customers around the world over the last decade.

According to West Coast Shipping, the services they offer ensure vehicles are shipped across the Atlantic to France on a freight container ship. Each customer has a dedicated account manager to handle their vehicles and the company s highly experienced logistics team keeps clients in the loop throughout the entire process.

One of the biggest issues with shipping and importing vehicles overseas is a customer s desire to pay for the lowest price possible. Unfortunately, customers should be aware paying the lowest price may also mean their vehicle isn t in the best shape when it arrives. Due to West Coast Shipping s combination of price and experience, customers can expect their vehicles to arrive in France without delay.

Customers interested in shipping their cars to France can visit the company s dedicated French import information page here https://www.wcshipping.com/fr/importer-voiture-usa-france.

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