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Revolutionising Urban Mobility: Veer's Shift Drive System Cuts Costs and Complexity

April 22, 2024

In a world where urban transportation continually evolves, Veer emerges as a pivotal force with its Shift Drive System, redefining the daily commute and ushering in a new era of cost-effective urban mobility. Amid escalating gas prices and increasing congestion, Veer's innovative system offers a compelling alternative to traditional components, facilitating the transition to more sustainable and efficient light electric vehicles (LEV) for urban transport. The Cost of Urban Commuting With the average LEV commuter facing annual maintenance expenses between $250 and $550 primarily due to drivetrain wear and tear, the financial burden is substantial. This issue is particularly acute for bike fleet rentals, where maintenance downtime directly translates into lost operational profits. Veer's Shift Drive System presents a solution that significantly lowers these costs by reducing the frequency and necessity of repairs with a 62% lower cost to operate the drivetrain than traditional systems. High price tags for eBikes, eScooters, and other LEVs in general also create a barrier to entry for the average consumer. Veer’s innovative design harnesses advanced carbon fiber belt drivetrain technology and replaces age-old chain drives and gearbox transmissions. Its built-in gear system allows for smaller batteries and cheaper motors, reducing costs for manufacturers while maintaining performance. This allows these vehicles to be made and sold at cheaper price points, enabling larger adoption of electric vehicle technology.  THE ALTERNATIVE MOBILITY REVOLUTION Veer's Shift Drive System, designed with cutting-edge technology, eliminates the need for regular tune-ups and adjustments that chain-driven systems require. The system is also highly durable, lasting up to 4x longer than traditional systems, allowing you to ride safely and with peace of mind. The use of carbon fiber-reinforced belts, which need no lubrication and do not rust, contrasts sharply with the high-maintenance needs of traditional chain drives. This innovative approach not only enhances the reliability of the ride, free from jolts and interruptions, but also significantly reduces the total cost of ownership. With traffic congestion increasing, making alternative modes of transportation safer, more reliable, and overall cheaper leads to faster adoption of these vehicles.  Key Features of the Shift Drive System: Minimal Maintenance : Requires no regular maintenance, or lubrication and offers resistance to rust. Enhanced Durability : Carbon fiber-reinforced rubber belts are designed to withstand the torque of eBike motors, lasting up to four times longer than traditional chains. Sleek and Clean : Operates without oily lubricants, keeping both riders and bikes cleaner on your way to work. Smooth Performance : Ensures a jolt-free ride with seamless power transfer allowing you to focus on the road.  Featherlight Design : Remarkably lighter than chain counterparts, which enhances ease of use and mobility. Whisper Quiet : Provides a nearly silent operation, improving the overall riding experience. Wide Compatibility : Seamlessly integrates with leading motor manufacturers and adapts to a variety of light electric vehicles. Sustainability at the Core of Mobility Veer, driven by a lifelong passion for cycling and sustainable transportation, continues to innovate with its Shift Drive System. "The technology used in LEVs today is antiquated, rooted in designs over 140 years old," said Sean Hacking, founder and chief technical officer of Veer. "Our Shift Drive System eliminates the need for traditional chain systems and gearboxes, which not only have higher costs but also demand regular maintenance. Our system allows for seamless and efficient shifting on traditionally single-speed drives (like eScooters and e-Motorcycles), ensuring optimal motor performance across various speeds." This commitment to innovation reflects Veer's ongoing efforts to redefine urban mobility and minimize environmental impact. Veer has established itself as a pioneer in the electric mobility industry, and its Split Belt technology has garnered massive support during its last equity crowdfunding campaign. The campaign was a huge success, raising over $914K from 921 investors, and resulting in thousands of product sales in the global market. To expedite the launch of the Shift Drive System, Veer has initiated another StartEngine campaign . This move not only showcases Veer's innovative approach but also invites like-minded investors to participate in bringing the Shift Drive to the market.



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