Wes Darby, Palmdale Real Estate Agent, Discusses Commercial Realty Market

Wes Darby is one of the Palmdale and Antelope Valley area's leading commercial real estate agents. Now, Mr. Darby shares his insight into the commercial real estate market and how buyers, sellers and investors can take advantage of current market trends.

Wes Darby is a leading real estate agent in Palmdale, California, who understands the intricacies of the commercial real estate market. For those who wish to buy, sell or invest in commercial property, Darby and his team can offer advice and guidance in locating and financing the right real estate.

In discussing investment in commercial real estate as seen at http://www.palmdalerealestate.net/commercial-real-estate/, Mr. Darby noted, “The biggest source of lending for commercial real estate is from life insurance companies. Life insurance companies prefer to make loans of large amounts, such as that required for commercial property development, and for long terms. Commercial property is generally more valuable than residential real estate so it is often advantageous to have a property re-zoned if possible to increase the value of the property.” Part of the master plan of Palmdale, California, involves zoning which restricts the use of certain real estate.

Wes Darby as seen at http://www.palmdalerealestate.net/ notes that while there are no skyscrapers in Palmdale, there are many smaller commercial properties such as strip malls and office buildings. “While industrial properties may ultimately lead to higher returns on investment, they also often require much larger investments of time and money. Many people who are interested in commercial real estate may benefit from starting with smaller investments to raise capital for larger ventures.”

For more information about real estate investment as seen at http://www.palmdalerealestate.net/real-estate-investing/ and buying commercial property, visit the company’s website.

About Palmdale Real Estate: Wes Darby received his BA in Marketing at Texas State University. Applying his business experience allowed Wes to become an expert in real estate negotiations, analysis of property values and market trends. After moving to Palmdale, California, Wes saw the incredible value of the Palmdale real estate market and created Palmdale Real Estate. Today he serves Palmdale, Lancaster, Leona Valley, Quartz Hill, and other areas within Antelope Valley.

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