Welsh Photographer To Accept Bitcoin Payment Method For Photography Services In 2014

Professional photographer Karl Baker is aiming to be the first wedding photographer in the world to start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for his photography services in 2014.

Bitcoin is a controversial digital currency that has captured the imagination of the news media worldwide. The currency has so far wavered erratically in value despite stable periods, and though criticism of the stateless currency has been common, excitement has been present in equal measure. Photographer and businessman Karl Baker aims to be the first wedding photographer in the world to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment- one of a new breed of 21st century entrepreneurs to support the Bitcoin movement. Karl who originally started investing in bitcoin in 2011 was one of the first in Wales to recognize bitcoin as a future method of international payments.

Karl Baker has provided wedding photography services throughout Wales and England as well as internationally in France, Spain and more. Karl is renowned for making creative wedding photography images as well as reflecting the personalities of the happy couple. Much of his work comes way of recommendation and has seen him travel throughout Europe to capture and immortalise the happy couples special day.

The photographer has an excellent reputation and is well loved by his clients for his stunning compositions and creative imagination. That same imagination has led him to believe that Bitcoin will only ever become more ubiquitous, and as such he will accept the currency as payment for his services and online stores.

The move is symptomatic of many small businesses that have formed the core of early adopters for bitcoin payments, attracting those devoted to the currency and even giving them an edge with this niche market who want to find ways to spend their new investments.

A spokesperson for Karl Baker Photography explained, “Although he accepts that this will not be the chosen method of payment for the majority of his clients just yet, Karl truly values the future of the new crypto currency. With its recent rise over the last few months, it could well eventually disrupt the current financial markets and its methods. In 2014 and 2015 he expects more of an acceptance in the mainstream. Right now bitcoin feels like the internet before the invention of the browser. Its money 2.0!”

About Karl Baker:
Karl Baker is a professional wedding photographer based in Swansea, South Wales. Karl has been established for over 7 years as a full time photographer. Karl not only covers weddings in South Wales but has also worked all around the UK and also in France and Spain as a destination wedding photographer.

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