Welcome EggsBook POP Game Ltd

Dapps Technologies LTD officially confirmed the establishment of EggsBook POP Game from March 2021.

From March 2021, EggsBook POP Game will officially operate as project manager Eggsbook POP Game, responsible for managing and implementing strategies to develop EggsBook project - a project about non-game series. Focus is launched from September 2020.

EggsBook is a game ecosystem project built on a blockchain platform that offers many competitive advantages when it shows transparency, education, and the ability to expand its community from September 2020 to the present.

During more than 6 months of operation, Eggsbook has become a principal financial game project that has attracted more than 1 million gamers, especially making a good impression in the Asian gaming market.

To respond to the demands of players, so far Eggsbook POP Game has completed building an outstanding game ecosystem, including Eggsbook, Binary Options Game, 123betnow …

In the future, EggsBook POP Game will implement developing strategies despite the difficulty due to Covid19's already ongoing translation:
- Launching EBP Token
- Listing the EBP Token on international exchanges
- Expanding the consumer ecosystem, online shopping from Amazon, eBay, Alibaba …

This month, representatives from Dapps Technologies LTD and the new CEO of EggsBook POP Game Ltd. There will be a formal meeting to share important information about the launch of the EggsBook POP Game and strategies for future development.

Following us through the social network to update the latest information of the game EggsBook:

● Facebook: http://bit.ly/eggsbook-project
● Telegram Group: https://t.me/eggsbookgroup1
● Telegram Channel: https://t.me/eggsbookchannel1
● Twitter: https://twitter.com/EggsbookC
● Youtube: http://bit.ly/eggsbook-games
Following for more information about the ecosystems of Eggsbook:
● Facebook: https://bit.ly/35vYxdQ
● Telegram Group: https://t.me/betnow123group
● Youtube: https://bit.ly/3nFGo3F

Contact Info:
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Organization: EggsBook Game
Website: https://eggsbook.com/

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