Weinstein Construction Informs California Residents About Quakeproofing Grants

See how Weinstein Construction is helping to equip homeowners to handle earthquake disasters at http://www.retrofittingcalifornia.com/california-grants-to-retrofit-homes-against-earthquakes/.

On August 24th, 2014, a 6.0 earthquake struck Napa, California. The resulting damage was one death and $700 million in total damages. Other earthquakes in California have caused billions of dollars’ worth of damage. With only 17 percent of Californians estimated to have earthquake insurance, the personal and financial effects of an earthquake can be devastating.

Keeping this in mind, Weinstein Construction is letting California residents know about government grants that may be available to them to help them retrofit their homes to guard against earthquake damage. Homeowners in the following areas are eligible for registration for the Brace and Bolt program California: Los Angeles, Pasadena, South Pasadena, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and San Bernadino.

Itzcik Weinstein, President and Owner of Weinstein Construction, stated, “Many California residents fear the possibility of a big earthquake, but worried that Earthquake Retrofitting is too expensive. Fortunately, Governor Jerry Brown has approved state funding that will expand the Brace and Bolt promotional program to homes in more areas including over 150 zip codes. It is expected that 1,600 promotional programs will be available, which is triple the amount available in 2015.”

Weinstein goes on to say, “Starting on January 20th, 2016, homeowners can register for a promotional program of up to $3,000 to retrofit their homes. Once they are approved for the program, a homeowner can search the Contractor Directory to find a contractor to perform their home retrofit. For those who would like to use Weinstein Construction’s services, we can offer them a free foundation inspection. If their home is eligible for the Brace and Bolt program, we can also help them with the online registration process. Registration for the program ends on February 20th, 2016.”

“From foundation inspection to House Bolting to cripple wall reinforcement, our goal at Weinstein Construction is to provide an excellent construction experience from start to finish. We know that the thought of an earthquake striking at any moment can make homeowners fearful, and we want to help them put those fears to rest, knowing that their home is safe and secure no matter what may come their way.”

About Weinstein Construction:

Weinstein Construction is a privately-owned family company established before 1980 and located in the San Fernando Valley, right in the heart of Earthquake Country. Their aim is to provide the best in quakeproofing, waterproofing, drainage, and related services to clients in Los Angeles and throughout the San Fernando Valley. As the neighborhood expert in seismic safety, Weinstein Construction and its subsidiary Weinstein Retrofitting Systems help make homes in the area safer to live in, more resilient, and more valuable.

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