WeightLossProgramsDl.com Launches Free Weight Loss Calculator

Weight Loss Programs Downloads are offering a weight loss calculator that offers a scientifically proven method of weight loss without resorting to drastic measures.

Weight loss is a key goal in the lives of millions, with the obesity epidemic creating increased awareness of health issues including heart disease and diabetes. Dieters have increasingly turned to weight loss supplements promising to boost metabolism, reduce fat absorption or burn existing fat, but all these put stresses on the body that could be harmful over time. The one proven method of weight loss is the caloric deficit diet, and Weight Loss Programs Downloads has released a free calculator tool to give dieters the knowledge they need.

The weight loss calculator takes into account gender, age, height, weight, daily activity level, target weight and the target time in number of days. It then tabulates based on the recommended caloric intake how much below the mid-line the dieting calories have to fall in order to shed the weight in the given time.

The software is free to download from the Weight Loss Programs Downloads site and comes with an unlimited license, so individuals can create and tabulate new weight loss goals for themselves, their friends and their families, essentially becoming an overnight dietician.

A spokesperson for Weight Loss Programs Downloads explained, “While it may not be glamorous or instantaneous, the simple fact of the matter is that caloric deficit is the one indisputably proven method of losing weight. The weight loss calculator allows individuals to measure their caloric intake across a length of time to reach their weight loss goals practically, and warns users when they may be going too far and losing weight unhealthily. We are proud of this calculator as it takes into account all the key factors that a dietician would use, without the price tag.”

About Weight Loss Programs Downloads:
Weight Loss Programs Downloads creates software to aid in weight loss and dieting. Weight Loss Calculator is a simple and easy-to-use instrument designed to calculate how many calories users have to burn in order to lose weight. The application was created in order to offer proper warnings if weight loss goals are too aggressive. It allows users to select the personal details in order to calculate the daily caloric intake necessary to achieve weight loss over a given period of time

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