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Weightlosschallengeideas.net is now offering new exercises and motivations to help those looking to get a head start on their weight loss journey through the Body by Vi health and fitness program.

The obesity rate is growing among the Western population, with more than a third of adults in the US being categorized as clinically obese. The dangers associated with obesity, including diabetes, heart disease and stroke, have many searching for ways to change their lifestyles and take control of their eating habits. Many are turning to weight loss challenges and weight loss challenge ideas as an entryway into healthy living and weightlosschallenges.net provides such a measure with the Body by Vi health and fitness program. For those looking into how to start a weight loss challenge, weightlosschallengeideas.net provides information for how to get on track with its new exercise challenges.

Developed by ViSalus Sciences, the Body by Vi 90-day health and fitness program provides a comprehensive approach to weight loss. As a global weight loss program, its reach extends overseas to the UK and Australia. It is an easy-to-follow program that makes it simple to stick to and see results. Its inclusion of exciting exercise challenges, such as the “100 Pushup Challenge” bring quicker than anticipated results with fun and exciting new challenges that add variety and fun to workouts. For example, the new “Walk to Mordor” challenge, inspired by the Lord of the Rings, involves walking 1779 miles, similar to the journey of the characters in the book and movies.

There is also a strong community influence behind the Body by Vi challenge and its new exercise challenges. The program has an established network of participants who encourage and support each other through the process, and individuals are encouraged to document their progress. Many even view the 90-day challenge as a competition, and the program easily affords weight loss competition ideas. The new exercise challenges are also encouraged over the course of the 90-day challenge to help boost metabolic rate and muscle development, increasing overall results.

YouTube videos and blogs are awash with participants documenting their 90-day commitment to the challenge, as visible results usually aid in motivation and encouragement. In addition to the health and wellness benefits, the Body by Vi program also offers monetary incentives to individuals who choose to promote the 90-day challenge system. Top performers are regularly rewarded with cash and prizes, including cars or vacations. It is a system that could potentially boost an individual’s overall wellness while simultaneously offering an opportunity to earn a substantial income.

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