Weighted Blanket for Kids Launched, Designed With Innovative Technology

SlumberCovers offers a new, innovative take on weighted blankets for kids that provides a durable and natural sleep aid for restless children.

In a child’s early years sleep is an important part of development, and weighted blankets for kids are an effective way to help restless children get to sleep. However, traditional weighted blankets are difficult to keep clean and contain beads that become clumped, producing an uneven shape. With these issues in mind, SlumberCovers, a California brand, is changing the way that weighted blankets are made.

SlumberCovers, a U.S. based company, has recently launched its new 7-pound kids weighted blanket, featuring PerfectStay technology that keeps the glass beads that weigh the blanket down in place. By using 4” diamond-shaped pockets, PerfectStay reduces bead movement by 250%, so that when kids are finally ready to sleep, the blanket is evenly weighted and ready to go.

Co-founder of SlumberCovers, Mike Weimar, says, “Our new SlumberCovers 7-pound weighted blankets for kids incorporates our unique PerfectStay technology, which uses small 4” pockets to secure the weighted, 100% non-toxic glass beads. This technology eliminates bead clumping and ensures even weight distribution. The end result is a premium quality weighted blanket that your kids will love.”

SlumberCovers acknowledges that bedtime can be difficult for young children, and weighted blankets significantly help kids feel safe and secure during sleep so that they (and their parents) can be well-rested for the busy day ahead. Given these positive benefits, the company has set out to not only address the issue of bead clumping, but also to provide a blanket with a duvet cover included.

Unlike other producers of weighted blankets that the company says typically require the customer to buy a cover or duvet separately, customers will be happy to know that this is not the case with SlumberCovers’ blankets. Its 7 pound blanket, for kids 40 to 80 pounds in weight, not only presents a new take on a trusted sleep aid, but it is also stylish. The included duvet is a luxurious minky dot two-sided design, which is navy blue on one side and grey on the other.

Readers who are concerned with their child’s sleep and want a durable blanket for their restless children can visit SlumberCovers’ Amazon storefront for more information.


About Us: SlumberCovers believes in giving children the best sleep possible, critical to their wellbeing and health. Using breakthrough PerfectStay Technology, SlumberCovers offers natural and highly durable weighted blankets for families seeking a better sleep aid for children.

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