Weight Loss Programs Release Calorie Calculator Free To Download And Use On C|Net

Weight Loss Programs have provided a calorie calculator which provides the ideal calorie count for an individual based on their own weight loss goals and objectives relative to their starting point.

Weight loss can accurately be described as an industry in today’s world, with an obesity epidemic driving people to lose weight both for aesthetic and health reasons. Numerous ways to lose weight are constantly entering the marketplace and the most successful of these tend to stick around. Occam’s razor tells everyone the simplest answer is often the correct one, and the simplest way to lose weight is with a calorie deficit diet. The Free Calorie Calculator from Weight Loss Programs can help users calculate their calorie count in order to maintain a deficit and by doing so, lose weight.

With an average user rating of five stars out of five, the calculator is already attracting attention, and weighing in lithely at under a megabyte, the calculator evidently has cut the fat from its programming. Taking seconds to download and less than a minute to install, individuals can be on their way to weight loss almost instantly.

The program works on Windows from Vista to 8 and comes with a calorie burn calculator which means users can not only calculate what they’ve eaten, but what they’ve worked off to find out if they’re really running to a calorie deficit.

A spokesperson for Weight Loss Programs explained, “It might not be the most exciting means and its results certainly aren’t drastic, but it’s also the single best way to consistently lose weight and keep weight off, by adjusting caloric intake and in doing so creating a calorie deficit. If individuals are willing to make a long term change for the sake of their looks and health, that long term change needn’t be monumental in the short term. Calorie deficit diets work, and by downloading this calculator, individuals can take control of their lives and eating choices to make them work even better.”

About Free Calorie Calculator:
The Free Calorie Calculator is a piece of software designed by Weight Loss Programs. The company develops freeware solutions to everyday dieting challenges and makes them as user friendly and intuitive as possible, as well as being light on processor use. The company also makes a BMI calculator and weight loss calculator for users seeking broad spectrum functionality.

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