Weight Loss Programs DL Launch Children’s BMI Calculator To Help Parents Keep Kids Healthy

Weight Loss Programs DL have created a children’s body mass calculator that can help parents monitor their child’s weight and development to prevent cases of childhood obesity.

Childhood obesity is a rising problem in the US and is leading to serious health and developmental problems for children. This happens so often because children love foods that are high in saturated fats and processed sugars, which contribute to their becoming overweight, and this can often happen gradually as the child grows so that parents don’t notice until it has become unhealthy. Fortunately, Weight Loss Programs DL is offering a free to download BMI calculator for children to help parents accurately assess their child’s weight.

The BMI calculator for kids offers standard and metric measurements and allows users to select the sex of their child as well as their birth date and their height and weight in order to calculate the Body Mass Index for the child. It will report the result both as a raw figure and in context of the ideal, with figures on what classes as underweight, normal weight, over weight and obese.

By using the software to monitor a child’s weight, parents can take control of the child’s diet to get them toward the ideal weight for their development, giving them the best chance in life moving forward.

A spokesperson for Weight Loss Programs DL explained, “The software is completely free to use and can be downloaded from our website, or from major resource centers like CNET and SoftPedia, who regularly syndicate our products and give them positive reviews. We have created this software in response to demand from our users, many of whom have growing concerns for their children’s weight but do not know whether or not these concerns are legitimate without guidance. With this BMI calculator children can be kept healthy in the face of all the bad nutrition out there by using a quick, easy and reliable barometer.”

About Weight Loss Programs DL:
Weight Loss Programs DL have created a body mass index calculators for a range of different people and uses. Their latest BMI calculator for children is a software that allows parents to get a more accurate depiction of their child’s weight. The software has several variables including size, age, weight and height to give the most accurate readings possible.

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