Weedmayhem launches its new global initiative to clean up the California market

Innovative online marketplace, Weedmayhem, seeks to assimilate the $8 Billion Black Market Operations into the Legal Market

Weedmayhem is an Amazon-like online marketplace that has taken the industry by storm and is making plans to launch its new global initiative, a non-profit organization to search, identify, and assist in the conversion of illegal trade to legal trade in California later this fall.

According to an article on the Los Angeles Times, over $3.1 and $8.7 billion dollars was spent in California in the legal and illegal markets respectively, making California the biggest market for the substance in the country.

Making the announcement, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Weedmayhem, Michael Mizrachi, said, "Avoiding laws, regulations, compliance, and taxes is not a good excuse to remain in the illicit cannabis business trade as that will eventually backfire and create catastrophic consequences. There is plenty of business to conduct in this booming market legally! Weedmayhem at the forefront amongst other ambitious tech companies is paving the way. That's why we will be announcing our global initiatives to search, identify, and assist in the conversion of illegal cannabis trade to legal trade. Using powerful tech solutions, Weedmayhem will be working diligently with merchants, brands, distributors and payment processors to closely monitor consumer-trade metrics, logistics and supply chains so as to ensure that our objectives are met."

With government regulations and sanctions against illegal the distribution of the substance becoming tighter and more stringent in the months to come, Weedmayhem is poised to provide a safer and legal alternative to millions of illegal operators who have dotted the landscape across the country.

Launched early 2019, Weedmayhem has grown to become a one-stop-shop and powerhouse for the legal e-commerce, media and marketing industry, selling both the derivatives of weed and non-THC products such as smoking devices and grow lamps etc. At their launch, CEO Michael Mizrachi, said, "The legal cannabis industry is here to stay. We're merely working to keep this incredible worldwide advancement organized, easy to maneuver and accessible to people globally."

Industry watchers and experts predict that there would be an uptick in sales for legal merchants like Weedmayhem as they prepare to build a bridge between divides in the industry as a result of the city's enforcement of sanctions against illegal operators.

The Weedmayhem website runs on a proprietary geo-coded smart technology that enables the business target consumers directly by location. This is expected to drive further their expansion efforts set to spread all over the country into new markets.

For more information about Weedmayhem and the innovative solutions on the platform, please visit - weedmayhem.com.

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